How to get started marketing as a financial planner

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In this blog we discuss how to get started in financial planner marketing without spending a gazillion dollars!

For those of you who are new to my blog, my name is Sara. I am a CFA® charterholder and financial advisor marketing consultant. I have a newsletter in which I send you one actionable, practical marketing tip a day. Please sign up here!

Sara Grillo, CFA is a highly fun and slightly crazy marketing consultant based in NYC.
I am an irreverent and fun marketing consultant for financial advisors.

This does not have to cost a fortune!

Question from a subscriber: “How do I get started in marketing as a new financial planner?”

I already got this question but I’m answering it again, this time with a very specific tactic you can use.



Do this.

Talk about a case, an analysis that you did, revealing dramatic issues that frequently plague consumers but that they wouldn’t necessarily realize they are suffering from.

Check out this LinkedIn posting from financial advisor Mark Meredith.

Example of a great financial advisor marketing posting.

Why this worked:

  • It’s visual, with a nice graph that shows a sharp contrast
  • He signals right away that he is telling a story, “Today I reviewed…”
  • It clearly demonstrates a technical concept and its dramatic effects on a real person’s life
  • It’s speaking from a point of advocacy for the client
  • He present a easy solution that people should take away from the case – simpler is better.

Great marketing doesn’t have to cost a ton and it doesn’t have to be some big deal. You probably have tons of cases you can talk about just like this one.

And you should tell the world – so pick a good one and go get started on your marketing today! Send me your draft if you want me to review it.

BOOM there ya go – and that’s today’s marketing tip!

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People don’t buy financial planning services on fluffy, feel good “mission statement stuff.” How do you describe financial planning so people feel it’s a ‘must have?’ “

Say this:

“I do math equations so people don’t mess up big financial decisions and permanently ruin their lives.”


It doesn’t flow well, and it doesn’t even make grammatical sense.

But they’ll get what you mean, for sure. And there’s your financial planner elevator pitch!

And that’s all the financial planner marketing tips I’ve got for ya!

Alright that’s all for now. Hope you I helped you get started marketing as a financial planner without emptying out your wallet, whoo hoo!

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Thanks for reading. See you in the next one!

-Sara G


Mark Meredith. (December 2023). Today I reviewed. [Post] LinkedIn.

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