How do I recruit financial advisors to my practice?

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In this blog we discuss how to recruit financial advisors to your firm without being a slimy scum bag like everyone else is being!

Question from a subscriber: We are stumped by bringing younger advisors into the business. How do I find talent and not waste my time sorting through a million applicants?

Okay this is going to seem reeeeally weird – but, it works.

Ready for some financial advisor recruiting tips?

Get a picture of yourself holding an animal. Look happy. Maybe you have a pet, or if not you can ask a neighbor if you could pose for a quick picture.


Go to your social media and post these words, along with the pet picture.

I own a company helping people with their money. I am looking to hire someone who has a good attitude and is honest, who could help me and my clients. If you know anyone, please send me a message.”


  • Get everyone you know to share it on their social media pages, and you can even send it out in your email newsletter.
  • Use LinkedIn messenger to get this into post into the hands of 10-20 viable candidates a week.

And the reason this works is that you are showing your values and morals and invoking a sense of community which nobody else in the industry seems to see as a key focus of theirs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BOOM there ya go – and that’s today’s marketing tip!

Are you ready to get started?

Alright that’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to recruit financial advisors for your practice without being a total slime bag!

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Thanks for reading. See you in the next one!

-Sara G

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