Work With Me

Marketing Consultant

$ 250 Per Hour
  • One-on-one sessions as needed

Virtual CMO

$ 2500/+ Per Month
  • Maximum of # hours per month

Elevator Pitch Help

$ 250 Flat Fee
  • Duration: 60 minute Zoom session

Social Media Help

$ 250 Flat Fee
  • Duration: 60 minute Zoom session

Keynote Speaker

$ 5000/+ Per Appearance
  • Starting at $1000 for a webinar, $5K+ in-person


$ 35 Per Month
  • I teach financial advisors how to get leads

Rates above may vary as a function of geographic location due to exchange rate differences, fees, surcharges, and other factors. These offers are limited to the services advertised in the promotions contained on this page. Additional services may be provided at an additional cost at rates that are subject to negotiation.

Marketing Consultant

This is an hourly service that is ideal for people who need periodic guidance as opposed to daily or ongoing marketing support. I’ll listen to your challenges and present you with creative solutions that you will execute on your own. There is no minimum time commitment required. 

Outsourced Chief Marketing Officer

This is a monthly, ongoing arrangement in which I design and execute a marketing plan with you and your team. Arrangements are customized to each client but may likely include the following: 

  • Weekly half hour checkin session 
  • Creation of content pieces such as blogs, podcasts, or videos 
  • Newsletter copywriting 
  • LinkedIn messaging 
  • Strategic advising on prospecting and creating relationships with COI’s 
  • Other items that we mutually agree upon 

My Elevator Pitch Stinks

Do you find yourself tongue-tied when someone asks you what you do for a living? You’re probably making it a lot harder than it needs to be.

In this 60 minute Zoom session, you will learn:

  • What the key points are that you need to convey about yourself
  • How to say it and feel confident
  • How to cut your elevator pitch down to two sentences and have it sound awesome
  • What to leave out of your elevator pitch
  • Techniques for practicing the pitch to keep it fresh
  • About other specific topics you express an interest in learning about prior to the session

In the final 20 minutes of this session, you will practice the pitch we created and I will provide feedback.

Duration: One hour

What Am I Doing Wrong On Social Media?

LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media platforms are a wild goose chase for most financial advisors and it doesn’t have to be this way. If you are failing to get attention from the people you want, it usually comes down to doing certain things wrong, and it can be fixed by learning a few new skills.

In this 60 minute Zoom session, you will learn:

  • Where you are winning and losing with your LinkedIn profile page
  • How to find your targets using LinkedIn search tools
  • What to say to your prospects in two sentences or less over LinkedIn messenger
  • The proper strategy to use in a LinkedIn prospecting strategy
  • What not to say on LinkedIn messenger
  • How to reach CPAs, reporter, podcasters, and other influencers using LinkedIn
  • About other specific topics you express an interest in learning about prior to the session

Duration: One hour

Keynote Speaker

With me you get a dialogue that will invigorate and change people’s lives not a (boring) monologue or recitation. I will promote connection with the audience on an emotional level and retention of information.

You will find I do a few things that most other speakers don’t do.

  • I poll the audience ahead of time to get a sense of what is on their minds and what questions they want me to answer. Then I structure my talk around those points.
  • I stop and review every 10-15 minutes because let’s be honest – most people aren’t going to pay attention after 7 minutes. I design my talks to support the retention of information.
  • I talk for a total of 30 minutes throughout the allotted time. The rest of the time is spent answering questions, roleplays, or other methods of having audience members participate actively.
    I send participants home with a short list of takeaways to jog their memory.
  • I give the audience a quiz at the end. This is to promote retention, outline the key points, and correct any misunderstandings.
  • I use props and stunts depending upon your preferences (burning an insurance policy up on stage, chocolate fountain, karaoke skit)
  • I use humor to connect with people.

Cost is $5k to $10k for an in-person keynote and $1k for a webinar.


Thank you for showing interest in my exclusive content.

The objective of this membership is to teach financial advisors how to get leads online. The focus is LinkedIn, and these techniques can be applied to Facebook and most other social media platforms.

This program is laser-focused on one thing: digital lead generation for financial advisors.

Categories include:

  • Social media messages and sequences
  • Your online brand
  • Your LinkedIn profile page
  • Blogging and social media posts
  • Crisis communication
  • Financial advisor marketing strategy
  • Google traffic strategies
  • Newsletter strategies
  • Tactics to use with reporters, podcasters, and other influencers

Each month, members get:

  • Access to training videos. The videos are usually about 3-5 minutes long.
  • Two exclusive membership workshops. These are highly interactive and reinforce the skills.
  • Weekly members’ newsletter with exclusive content.
  • Ability to message me, Sara, over LinkedIn messenger once a day and ask questions
  • Access my exclusive members-only LinkedIn group
  • My e-books for free
  • Extras such as ROI /Profitability analyzer, Prospect tracker, Results sheet

I hear you. People are often curious why there is a $100 fee for sign up due when you join the membership (monthly ongoing fee is $35/month).

This is because there is a significant amount of background work that goes into onboarding each member to the back end of the portal, LinkedIn group, webinar list, etc at inception so that everything runs smoothly. In addition, sometimes the members will require some help navigating the startup and accessing the content. I’ve created a FAQs document that they can use which addresses most issues, but sometimes there is more onboarding work that needs to be done.

Good point.

My membership provides you with:

  • Three short training videos. The videos are typically less than 10 minutes long and demonstrate steps to follow to attract new prospects online.
  • One exclusive interactive membership webinar in which I demonstrate the training video tactics via screen share and you can ask questions.
  • Access to coaching through my exclusive members-only LinkedIn group in which I will provide guidance and advice on the tactics I’ve demonstrated.

The membership content differs from my editorial content in a few important ways:

  • My videos demonstrate the actual steps you take in an easy to follow format and the replay is available on demand. You see the LinkedIn tactics demonstrated. In contrast, in my blogs and podcast I only describe these in general terms and no concrete steps are outlined. I may give an example but those are words only, not live, step by step instructions that are demonstrated with real life examples you can see.
  • In 2019, my editorial content is going to cut down a bit in volume and also it will be focused less on the nitty gritty of LinkedIn strategy and online branding and more upon my thought leadership and keynote speaking.
  • It’s not just articles; it’s coaching, too. While very few people take me up on this, you do get online coaching through the members LinkedIn group. You can also ask me questions on the members only webinar each month. While you’re not getting direct one on one phone time, you are getting access to my consultative advice which on an individual basis goes for $250/hour. So if you do the math on that, just because you’re getting the advice in a group setting, you’re saving a huge amount of money.

Very simple: you will need only a web browser because nobody has time for the mumbo jumbo. You visit my website, log on to the portal, and view the videos there.


Yeah, I’m with you on that!

You’re probably saying this because you’ve checked out some of these artificial intelligence type LinkedIn messaging programs. They say they’ll send 100 messages from your LinkedIn ID to viable prospects every week or something like that, right?

Here’s what’s they’re missing (btw, I made a YouTube video summarizing the problem with social media AI services if you want to watch me instead):

  • After a certain number of unresponded to connection messages, LinkedIn (in the past) has put people into the “doghouse” where your ability to message new people without their emails is taken away. I can’t say for sure this is what they’ll do going forward but LinkedIn has recently taken many steps to eliminate spamming and it’s likely they’re not going to let people get away with mass messaging for too long.
  • When you are communicating one on one with another person, there is quite simply no shortcut to sincerity. If you want to get somebody to pay attention to you, you’ve got to pay attention to them first. In my membership I show you how to do this in a way that can build your pipeline over time.

Simply put, there’s no substitute for quality and authenticity. Although I’m a big fan of scalability, unfortunately with most of these LinkedIn messaging services you’ll just be paying to become part of the noise in their inbox that people want to ignore.

Authenticity wins. Without it, there’s no basis for growth and nothing to scale in the first place.

Great! My membership is extremely complementary with LinkedIn Navigator.  From Navigator you’ll be able to find people easily and that’s where my membership is really useful: knowing what to say, how to follow up, what to post to your feed, etc. so that you can get meetings with the people you find through searches.

In addition to the reasons stated in the response to the question above, the advantage is time efficiency.

My training videos are less than 10 minutes long and some are only 2-3 minutes long only. This was designed for busy people who don’t have a ton of time to spend on LinkedIn but still want to take action to get results.

Let’s be real: what financial advisor has time to sit around and be on social media all day?

Here are the titles of the first 10 videos:

  • Getting Center of Influence Leads through LinkedIn Search
  • How to Not Screw Up Talking to a COI on LinkedIn
  • The Easiest Possible Way to Get a COI’s Attention on LinkedIn
  • How to Look Cool (Not Sleazy) in LinkedIn Groups
  • The Fun Way to Meet Prospects in LinkedIn Groups
  • Creating a LinkedIn Community That Rocks
  • December Bonus Video  – Proven Lead Generation
  • Rebranding Your LinkedIn Profile
  • The 1,2,3 Combo
  • 4 Killer Ideas for LinkedIn Content


I would never offer advice that I myself would not follow. I’ve used these techniques for years and my experiences, successes, and failures form the basis for this membership content. Using these techniques has brought me clients, speaking engagements, introductions to hard to meet people, and it’s all happened in a natural way that everyone was comfortable with.

Although the membership itself is at its nascency at the time of me writing this article, people are already getting these results. Some have reported getting meetings and referrals from COIs. Others have said that it has led them to expand their networks in ways they never thought and has been a great benefit as a result.

I can also tell you that in my overall work with advisors as a marketing coach (those who aren’t on my membership), many of them have had success using the techniques that I teach in my membership.

Right on. I love smart buyers and I myself am careful when it comes to spending.

If you would like a marketing budget sheet, I can send it to you. This will help you get a handle on your overall marketing costs for the year.

Having said that, this is arguably the best value out there that you can get for $35 a month. You’ll be guided through how to run a LinkedIn campaign to your target market from start to finish. If you bought this advice from me on an individual basis it would run you $250/hour.

This was created for the financial advisor who either:

  • is disciplined enough to drive the marketing effort themselves instead of hiring somebody else
  • can’t afford a huge marketing bill each month (bluntly put)

Let’s say you were to invest time in watching my videos, doing what the instructions say, and taking advantage of the opportunity to get coaching from my webinars or LinkedIn groups. All of the resources available to you through this membership are worth well over the $35 you’d pay each month (and of course the $100 sign up fee due at inception).

Exclusive Content

$ 35 Per Month plus one time $100 Sign Up Fee
  • Access to Training Videos (each 3-5 mins long)
  • Exclusive membership workshops. Highly interactive.
  • Weekly members’ newsletter with exclusive content.
  • Ability to message me, Sara, over LinkedIn messenger once a day and ask questions
  • Access my exclusive members-only LinkedIn group
  • My e-books for free
  • Extras such as ROI /Profitability analyzer, Prospect tracker, Results sheet