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In this blog you will learn how much money financial advisors make, what financial advisors get paid, and how much a typical financial advisor salary is.

Financial Advisor Salary: How much do Financial Advisors make?

Maybe you have just started out in the wealth management industry seeking to set up some salary goals for yourself, or perhaps you are a veteran who is looking to benchmark your pay versus the industry. Or maybe somewhere in between…The subject of how much Financial Advisors get paid is often a confusing one and […]

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Vid 60: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious way to use the notifications feature

This video talks about how to use notifications on social media as a way to meet new people. If there is an influencer you follow or someone whose postings you like alot, keep an eye out for their next posting in your notifications and try this strategy. This is a commonly overlooked aspect of social […]

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Vid 59: Posting a video to social media

This video talks about the 2 different ways you can post a video to social media (LinkedIn or Facebook) and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Watch this video how to learn which method works best given what you are trying to accomplish. Method #1. The first way to post a video to social media […]

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Vid 61: Why isn’t this working?

If you are not getting the results you want from your social media, it is probably due to the following 5 factors. Watch this video to learn what these factors are, and which videos within the Sara Grillo Membership you can watch to start to remediate these issues. Enjoy! Am I operating off of a […]

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In what order do I watch the Membership Videos?

My membership covers a variety of subjects. This blog presents an order in which you should watch the membership videos. To access these videos, please log on to your portal and input the password for each vid. If you have trouble getting to the videos, please access the FAQs doc here. Step #1: Setting up […]

Vid 58: Freebies and Handouts for you!

The freebies and handouts available to you through the Sara Grillo membership are the following below. Please join our LinkedIn group if you have not already so that you can download these templates. This is the url to join our LinkedIn group: If you are unable to locate these templates then please message me […]

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Vid 57: Crisis Marketing Plan

In this video you will learn the 3 basic components of the crisis marketing plan. This was created for financial advisors during the market crisis of 2020, but it is applicable to any time that the market is in turmoil. Here are the basic components: List of 20, weekly webinar, weekly newsletter. • We always […]

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Sara is very passionate about her work. Her level of enthusiasm and energy make working with her an absolute pleasure. Sara is proactive, hands-on, and I would recommend her as a marketing consultant.

– David Mazer, Retensa Employee Retention

Sara is a top-notch speaker. We have hired her to present webinars for our audience. She is lively, engaging and has a strong grasp on the technical details of the materials she presents. I highly recommend her as a speaker for your event or webinar.

- Bob Huebscher, CEO of Advisor Perspectives

Sara is committed to supporting our firm in every single way. A brilliant writer, she is a true partner with great drive for results.

– Glenn Laga, President, Guardian Data Destruction

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