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In What Order do I Watch the Membership Videos?

My membership covers a variety of subjects. This blog presents an order in which you should watch the membership videos. To access these videos, please log on to your portal and input the password for each vid. If you have trouble getting to the videos, please access the FAQs doc here. Setting up your profile […]

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Vid 33: Transition Strat #4: The Nuisance Close

Use this when there is some kind of resistance but you don’t know what it is. Sometimes when you are talking to someone online, you get to a point where you get the feeling that they are playing games with you, either intentionally or unintentionally. If you don’t figure out what is going on in […]

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Video 32: Responding to Notifications

Most financial advisors say boring things when notifications come up about their first degree connections and that is why they fail to get attention. DO NOT behave like a financial advisor on social media when notifications come up. This video will teach you a technique to use with the people who are your first degree […]

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Most keynote speeches are BS and most keynote speakers aren't good unless they do the following things.

The “No BS” Way to Give a Keynote Speech

I used to be a keynote speaker. I have recently resigned from my past role in favor of what I believe to be a more beneficial way to deliver a speaking presentation. Is this a Sci Fi novel? You have now entered The Conference Zone, a dimension as vast as it is phony and as […]

This article talks about what content of Sara Grillo's videos, podcasts, and blogs about financial marketing is best for you.

How to Choose What Sara Grillo “No BS” Content is Best for You

By now you may have gathered I publish a ton of content on the internet. Honestly, it’s great stuff. I have a “No BS” policy and there’s a ton of value you can get if you want to know about financial marketing. But with so much to choose from (podcasts, videos, blogs, etc.), where can […]

Vid 31: How to Make This Awesome Thumbnail

If you were to hire a graphic designer to create all your images it may get a bit expensive. This is a way to create your own images for use on social media, your website, newsletters, etc. These cut out images look great and are a way to use your authentic photography instead of stock […]

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Vid 30: Transition Strat #3: Little Humor Quip

When you are connected with someone and can’t get a meeting, try using humor. Here are some examples of tastefully humorous messages you may want to try to move someone from a cold to warm connection on LinkedIn. Here are some example you can use, or you may want to try making up your own. […]

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Sara is very passionate about her work. Her level of enthusiasm and energy make working with her an absolute pleasure. Sara is proactive, hands-on, and I would recommend her as a marketing consultant.

– David Mazer, Retensa Employee Retention

Sara is a top-notch speaker. We have hired her to present webinars for our audience. She is lively, engaging and has a strong grasp on the technical details of the materials she presents. I highly recommend her as a speaker for your event or webinar.

- Bob Huebscher, CEO of Advisor Perspectives

Sara is committed to supporting our firm in every single way. A brilliant writer, she is a true partner with great drive for results.

– Glenn Laga, President, Guardian Data Destruction

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