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47 Financial Advisor LinkedIn Messages and Sequences




I  wrote this for financial advisors who want to be perceived as high quality people on social media. This e-book contains 47 messages you can use on social media messenger to reach prospects of all types (business owners, corporate employees, job changers, and more), COIs, reporters, and other useful connections.

LinkedIn messaging is a delicate thing. You get one shot and if you mess up, the person is never going to trust you again. You have to know what you are doing and that is what this book is going to teach you.

This e-book is not fancy or highly decorated. True to my nature, this is a no BS, straight to the point piece of writing.

Every single one of the 47 messages is two sentences or shorter. In the book I explain why this is so important.

This is not a one-time read. I recommend you read this book over and over again. You may download this book six times; if you require further downloads please send me a message and we’ll discuss.




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This ebook contains financial advisor LinkedIn messages and scripts.
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