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Membership costs $100 at signup and is billed $35 a month.

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Financial advisor social media training program

The objective of this training program (aka “the membership”) is to teach financial advisors how to get leads online using social media. The focus is LinkedIn but financial advisors can apply these skills to Facebook and most other social media platforms.

What you get:

  • Access to financial advisor social media training videos. The videos are usually about 3-5 minutes long.
  • One exclusive membership workshop a month. These are highly interactive and reinforce the skills.
  • Weekly members’ newsletter with exclusive content.
  • Ability to message me, Sara Grillo, over LinkedIn messenger once a day and ask questions
  • My e-books for free
  • Extras such as ROI /Profitability analyzer, Prospect tracker, Results sheet

What does this financial advisor social media training program cover?

The content is laser-focused on one thing: social media lead generation for financial advisors.

Categories include:

  • Financial advisor LinkedIn messaging and sequences
  • Financial advisor LinkedIn profile pages
  • Social media posting techniques for financial advisors
  • How to overcome challenges that arise in your progress
  • Tactics to use with reporters, podcasters, and other influencers online
  • Twitter, Facebook, newsletter, and Google tips

You will need only a web browser because nobody has time for the mumbo jumbo. You visit my website, log on to the portal, and view the videos there.

IMPORTANT to understand:

Okay so I’ll assume you’re interested if you’ve read this far…but WAIT just a second and READ THIS before you click the “buy” button to subscribe to my membership.

I want to be very clear that this financial advisor social media training program is not a good option for people who need hand-holding. I give you the instructions, but you have to carry out the work.

I provide clear instructions in writing as to how to proceed, and there is a video database, a monthly interactive webinar, newsletter, etc. I guide you along the way but you are the one who has to drive the car.

My financial advisor social media training program is excellent. But for some people it doesn’t work. For some, it’s not enough.

If you are not good at motivating yourself to do the work on your own, or you have a problem following written instructions (albeit clear, but they are written instructions) with a bit of guidance from me, best to pursue other financial advisor marketing services of mine, or perhaps work with another provider.

However, if you are self-motivated, okay with trying things on your own and asking questions if you get lost, disciplined, and able to organize your time well enough to orchestra your own LinkedIn campaign, this might be a good option to consider.

To summarize:

This IS NOT for

  • People who need hand holding
  • People who aren’t patient enough to follow instructions
  • People who are lazy or don’t have discipline
  • People who are unorganized
  • People who make excuses

This IS for:

  • Go-getters who can do it on their own with guidance
  • People who can follow directions
  • People who aren’t scared to ask questions
  • People who have discipline and motivation on their own to organize their own time

Send me a message if you have any questions on whether or not this membership is for you.

If you’re still interested, subscribe below and I’ll send the login information over email.

Let’s do this!

-Sara G


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