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Hi! I’m Sara Grillo. Thanks for coming to visit! Here’s a quick guide to the content on this site.

Pod-Blog (Podcast/Blog)

On my podcast/blog I discuss overall financial advisor lead generation strategies. The pieces are written out in blog form, and also available as a podcast. So you can either read or listen, depending on what you are into.  Highly entertaining and humorous although there are few specific details – those I reserve for my exclusive content (see below).

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Membership (Exclusive Content)

If you are the DIY type, then this Membership is for you.

For a monthly fee, I provide exclusive content about financial advisor lead generation. You also get monthly workshops and access to our private membership group on LinkedIn where you can interact with other financial advisors in the membership.

I discuss these themes on my pod-blog, but to be honest if you tried to DIY based upon that it there’s not a high likelihood that you’d succeed. There are just too many details that I leave out.

It’s kind of like the famous chefs.

If Julia Child gave you her cheesecake recipe, it wouldn’t be enough – there’s no way your cheesecake would come out as good unless she gave you step by step direction and demonstrated visually.

To be real you would probably waste a lot of time trying to DIY on this.

You get three videos a month teaching you the mechanics of how to get online leads. You also get a private members webinar each month where I provide group coaching. These videos are short and to the point in my signature “no BS” style.

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If you have any questions which one is for you, please contact me and I can point you in the right direction.

Any questions? Send 'em in!