Don’t get iced out – use these financial advisor cold calling tips!

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Question from a subscriber: “Marketing only seems to be getting tougher with all the call and email screening.” Yah. The financial advisor cold calling game is some ice, ice baby!

Because cold calling and cold emailing are the toughest form of marketing on the planet right now.

Do these three steps and use LinkedIn to make it easier.


If you are calling on business owners, for example, research the person and their company on LinkedIn. Try to get a vision for a challenge they may be having.

Example: how to comply with NJ’s mandate that all NJ businesses of a certain size offer a 401k plan


Create some type of asset (e.g., a blog) that would help the business owner.


Call the company and talk to the gatekeeper (receptionist) about why you need his or her assistance in getting the asset to the person. Explain the benefits to the business and/or the business owner and get them to help you.

Here’s why this works.

You are presenting yourself as an advocate to the business and business owner, and by doing so the gatekeeper sees you as more valuable than some cold caller.

As a result, he or she may be willing to be an advocate for you.

To loop back to the original question, if marketing is hard for you it means that you are not giving enough.

Find a way to give in a more meaningful way and no matter what method you are using, marketing gets easier.

Are you financial advisor cold callers ready to go kick some butt?

Alright that’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed these tips on overcoming the challenge of having to cold call as a financial advisor.

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