“I’m looking to make my first hire as a financial advisor. Where do I find them?”

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Hiring your first team member as a financial advisor can be daunting, but we’ve got you covered! Join Eric Negron & Sara Grillo for today’s Truth Bomb as they tackle the challenges of hiring & training in the financial advisor world.

In this discussion, you’ll learn:

-Two distinct approaches to building your team: “Pay to Play” vs. “Budget-Friendly” strategies.

-How to create a “How-To” library to train your new hire effectively.

-The importance of mindset and clear communication when delegating tasks.

-Actionable tips for identifying and delegating draining tasks.


You ready to get right into it today? 

Yep. Let’s go. 

So I was on an advisor forum the other day, and advisor says I’m looking to make my first hire. Where do I find them and how do I train them? What do you think about this question? 

I think advisors have no patience, and what you should do is just go check out the competition and who’s working for them on LinkedIn and try to swipe them. 

So you’re talking about being a professional home wrecker here. We’re about to go break up somebody’s apple cart. 

If it can be wrecked, I think you should just kind of get in there, because this is the business world, and may the best person win. 

As the saying goes. That guy said, hide your wife, hide your kids. If you got a quality people, we coming for them. Anybody? Listen to this. 

Don’t leave your employees around me. Because you think about it, right? At the end of the day, with that approach, you are going to pay more, but it is the least risky option. And if we’re talking about serving the clients the best that we can, having to not train somebody that much, maybe pay a little bit more for it, but have them be able to hit the ground running with not a lot of errors, that’s what I would go for, but what do you think? 

So you’re talking about pay to play. Let’s just play and get right in the game. I want to get a thoroughbred. 

Let’s get it over with. Right? 

Yeah, with. 

I just said, advisors are not patient. They’re not patient. Okay, I hear you. Go do this on LinkedIn. Go upload this on LinkedIn. Put this word in your headline, and I’m getting, like, five emails like, LinkedIn doesn’t work. I was on LinkedIn for 5 minutes, and I didn’t get any clients. What’s wrong with LinkedIn? We have no patience. 

Yeah. I would tell you it all comes down to your budget. So if you got budget to go out and buy a Thoroughbred, great, take the strategy, go there quicker. But some of these advisors out there, if you’re looking at doing this and you want to do it on a budget. My approach was actually different. I basically had a conversation with myself one night that said, hey, I never want to do this account paperwork, this whatever, ever again. This is the last time I’m ever going to do it. I pull out my screen recording software. I start recording myself walking through step by step doing process in my business, create a how to library. And then I started looking for a stay at home spouse, an army spouse that I could hire. 

Found one for $20 an hour and basically gave her tasks inside my CRM and said, hey, do this. Here’s the video. Watch it. If you have any questions, ask me. Been with me eight years now. Runs everything in our companies. I’m going to call that. That’s balling on a budget. For those of you out there trying to be balling on a budget, we got you. This is the pro tip. There are plenty of stay at home parents that want some work between the hours that little Johnny is in. 

Know I love that. And it does require a little bit more patience and the ability to actually operate technology, which is also not a great strength for financial advisors. But I think that one thing that probably helped you succeed with that was you were in an absolute mindset, right. The videos were probably awesome, because when you have that attitude, like, this is the last time I’m doing this, I’m done. I’m fed up. I ain’t ever doing this again. It’s probably going to be your best work ever. 

I agree with you. 

People can see that in you, too, right? 

Yeah. I’ll tell you this, too. Financial advisor. Listen, stop being lazy. It’s not that hard to figure this out. Here’s what the deal is. Pull out a piece of loose leaf paper, a composition notebook. Take your behind down to the grocery store. It used to be $0.99. Maybe with inflation is $2. I don’t know. But get you a composition notebook. Make a list of all the stuff that you do right next to each one. E, N, or D. Is it energizing? Is it neutral? Is it draining the stuff that’s neutral and draining? You better figure out how to make a video and delegate that stuff yesterday, because you ain’t getting paid for that. And you ain’t best in the world at stop doing it now.

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