Here are some financial advisor technology tips for morons like me!

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I’m not gonna lie – I’m a tech moron. For years I could not do anything without my dad. That is why I wrote this blog about financial advisor technology tips for those who are not the best with things computer-related. Enjoy!

#1 Remove access for old administrators who have may still have access to your online assets.

You may have granted a third party (IT person, marketing consultant, old employee) the right to access to your online assets such as:

  • Website
  • Email software (I.e., Constant Contact, Mail Chimp)
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • LinkedIn company pages
  • Facebook company pages
  • YouTube channel
  • Podcast platform
  • Zoom account
  • Online storage (Dropbox, Box)
  • Survey apps

Take a few minutes today and remove the administrative rights for any party that you no longer work with or who should not have access to these assets anymore.

It’s dangerous because not only could they do something unauthorized, imagine if they were to get hacked and the hacker gains access to your stuff.

On most of these apps, you control third party access through the Settings tab. Usually there is a “manage users” field.

#2 Don’t forget about the free stuff

There is a ton of free technology for financial advisors!

If you’re looking for some straight up talk then you’ve come to the right place!

#1 Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp is email marketing software and it won’t cost you anything if you have less than a certain number of email contacts. I’ve found its interface to be not quite as intuitive as Constant Contact. But then again, Constant Contact is not free and as I said in the header, this is about free financial advisor marketing tools.

#2 Loom

Video marketing is of high importance in a pandemic because you need to show people your face in order to get them to trust you. Loom allows you to record videos from your desktop using your webcam. You can then send the person the link, and they won’t have to download anything to view your video!

Easy as pie.

Easy + free = works for me!

There’s no reason for you to try to read people’s minds anymore. If you are drawing a blank on what people want info about, look no further than Google Trends.

The screenshots below from Google Trends shows the trends for the term “taxes 2021” as of December 13, 2020. You can see Google search volume for this term was spiking up at that time.

You can also see what terms are on “breakout”, if you are looking for related topics.

Financial advisors can attract prospects and new clients using their blogs and other marketing content if they know what the trending terms are on Google. Financial advisors and planners can also use these terms for subject lines for your emails, social media posts, etc.

#4 AMI Headline Analyzer

If you are having trouble getting people to read your newsletters or blogs, the titles aren’t carrying enough emotional value.

If you want to get a higher open rate on your email newsletters, use this tool to evaluate how much of a response your title is likely going to get. The newsletter is a critical part of a financial advisor marketing plan.

Many people of retirement age aren’t that into social media; but they sure will appreciate a good, consistent email newsletter from their financial advisor.

#5 Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool is a free app available through Windows. It allows you to capture a screen shot.
Use screen shots to quickly clarify difficult concepts using images instead of puking a word barf on them.

As I always say, the fewer words the better! And that is why this is one of my favorite free marketing tools – you know how I love brevity!

#3 Use Google tutorials

Most people don’t realize this, but you can get a ton of free advise on how to navigate technology as a financial advisor just by entering a search into Google.

Let’s say you are stumped, for example, on how to change the password on your eMoney account. Just type into Google, “how to change eMoney password” and usually there is some chat string or even a help document from the company that comes up.

There’s alot more free technology advice on financial advisor specific applications than you realize. It does get pretty specific.

Sara’s upshot on financial advisor tech tips

Alright that’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed these financial advisor tech tips!

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