What doors does having the CFA® designation open?

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Question from a YouTube subscriber: “I’d really like to know about the doors that have having a CFA® designation (i, ii or iii) can open and the kind of people you met in these type of jobs.”

I’ve been a CFA® charterholder for over ten years now. It was helpful in many ways. There are two doors that open: job doors and networking doors.

What jobs can I get with the CFA® designation?

Having a CFA® designation, or having passed one or two levels of the exam, will make you more attractive to employers in the following roles:

Equity Research analyst or associate

Portfolio Management associate

Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Analyst

Investment Banking associate

Corporate finance analyst

This is not an exhaustive list but it can give you an idea of the possibilities.

Networking is great for those who hold the designation or who aspire to

As far as the doors it opens, you do gain a rite of passage once you get the designation. There is a certain comradery that CFA® charterholders tend to have for each other. Even if you have only passed a few levels, the fact that you cleared a difficult exam does cause people to look at you with a bit more respect.

I would suggest joining your local CFA society, even if you haven’t gotten the designation. If in person events aren’t your thing, you can join the CFA group on LinkedIn or other CFA networking groups online.

And that’s this week’s career tip!

Are you looking for a portfolio management or equity research job?

I have been a CFA® charterholder for a while and I have several resources that can help people who want to crack into portfolio management or equity research or who have done so and have quesitons.


If you want my help on a one-on-one basis, let’s set up some time for a consultation!


If you haven’t read the Interview Kit yet, check it out below. I’m also available for consulting on a hourly basis if you need additional support.

You could also sign up for my equity research newsletter.

Equity research interview kit book cover


It’s not a long e-book, but there’s alot you can learn and it’s based on my real experiences back when I worked in equity analysis at Lehman etc..

This kit will teach you:

  • What to do before the interview – what information to gather, what research you should be doing, and what speaking points to prepare
  • How to rebut back when you get stuck in an interview
  • Why the people matter and how to increase your chances of success with the decision makers
  • How to display maximum value as a candidate by how you respond to their questions
  • What your social media should look like while you are interviewing
  • How to ask the right questions during an interview
  • What to do if the interview doesn’t go the way you want it to
  • How to open an interview correctly
  • Interview closing techniques – how to get control and operate from a position of strength throughout the interview and especially at the end when it counts
  • What to do after the interview to increase your chances of success


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