Expect to answer these equity research questions if you are going for a job

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Question from a YouTube subscriber: “What questions should I expect to answer in an equity research interview?” Alright let me give you some equity research questions to get you started thinking as you prepare for the big day.

There are two main categories of job search questions: behavioral and technical.

List of equity research questions

Why do you want the job?

What is your view of inflation and how it affects companies?

What sectors are most impacted by the recent halt of rate hikes? For good? For bad?

What are the most important metrics you look at when valuing a company?

What is an example of a time when you were able to take leadership of a challenging mission?

What do you think of the most recent jobs report? What does it mean for the economy?

How do you handle it when there is a team member who is not cooperative?

This is just a start, hopefully it gave you an idea of the types of equity research questions you should expect them to ask you.

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