How to deal with visa issues if you want to get a job in finance

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Question from a YouTube subscriber: “I’m interviewing for a really competitive job in Equity Research. If hired, I will require that they sponsor my visa. Will it make me less appealing as a job candidate if I tell them?” Ah, the visa issues rear their ugly heads again!

It may be hard to hear this.

You have to be brutally honest with them about needing visa sponsorship or H1-B sponsorship, etc., probably even before the first interview.

If a company isn’t really that keen on sponsoring your visa, but you kind of let it slip until the last minute (when they send you the paperwork), they will either hire you grudgingly or not go through with it.

In either case, it’s negative.

You don’t want to start a new job with diminished trust in their eyes.

If you bluntly inform them that you will require sponsorship, even prior to the first interview, they will either move forward with full acceptance of what they are potentially getting into by hiring you. Or, they will decline.

In either scenario, it’s clean.



Trust is the most critical exchange in the interview process. If you can be upfront with a company about needing visa sponsorship and they accept this, you’ve scored points with them by showing them that you aren’t afraid to be honest even if it might create consequences that aren’t in your favor.

That’s my advice for dealing with visa issues if you are trying to crack into finance. You may be dealing with H-1B sponsorship or other types of problems. Good luck and hope it helped!

Visa issues don’t have to kill your finance job prospects!

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