Awesomely positive ways to get rid of Imposter Syndrome and head trash!

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Question from a subscriber: “My marketing efforts are constantly sabotaged by negative self talk, limiting beliefs, and imposter syndrome. How do I get past this?

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No matter how confident we seem, we all have doubts. It’s not about the absence of fear, it’s about how you manage it. In this podcast, we discuss how to:

?Identify limiting beliefs holding you back from content creation and growth.

?Embrace the “beginner mindset” and accept learning as part of the journey.

?Shift your focus to your mission and the value you offer clients, boosting confidence.

Don’t let imposter syndrome stop you! Listen to the podcast and learn how to overcome it.

Two ways to get rid of Imposter Syndrome


Think back to your greatest professional success and the strength you felt while you were overcoming whatever challenge you did. Can you summon that same courage?


Take the focus off yourself and your business qualifications and put it onto your mission. In 50 or so years, most of us will be lawn fertilizer anyways. You are blessed with a talent that can change lives. Do you really want the world to be no better off than before you came?

When you focus on the people who need you and how desperate they are for your help, finding a way to reach them becomes administrative and the mission tells you the words to say.

Quiet your head and let your heart tell you the words to say. Those words will find the people who need to hear them.

Have a positive attitude!

Yeah I know – it sounds like some gushy woo woo advice. But having a positive attitude is an essential part of overcoming Imposter Syndrome.

The reality is that nobody likes negative people and money and opportunity flow away from them.

So if you are looking to succeed in marketing, the first thing you have to do is check your attitude and rid yourself of any negative thoughts, actions, or people.

Stuff like this:

  • I’m not doing this LinkedIn thing unless you can guarantee it’ll work.
  • That CPA never sends me any business (Really? And what makes you entitled to it?)
  • The market went down and it’s ruined my business this year (it’s not my fault WAAAAAAAHHHH)
  • This client asks too many questions. (But isn’t that what you told them you were there for?)
  • This telemarketer who keeps calling is a jerk (disrespect for persistence and tenacity)
  • I can’t make it. (Instead of, is there a replay or another time you are having an event?)

Even if these are only negative thoughts in your mind, they’ll show up in your body language, your tone of voice, your energy level, and the words you use when you communicate with clients and prospects.

Positive attracts. Trust me, I know that sometimes it is not there but you have to fight for it.

Today, tell yourself that you are going to be twice as positive as you were yesterday.

I bet any sales or marketing work you do will be way more productive. Send me a note and tell me how it goes.

Are you ready to go kick some butt!

Alright that’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed these tips on overcoming Imposter Syndrome and any related head trash.

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