Use this template for a flat fee advisor website!

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Here is a template and some model text for a flat fee advisor website.

Please note:

  • This is just a model. The text in parenthesis, and other places where required, will need to be customized by you.
  • You should get this run by compliance before publishing any of this text.
  • I’m not responsible for anything that results from this. I’m providing guidance on what to say but you are the one who has to take the ball and run with it, and you will be ultimately responsible for your own website.
  • I’m provided a sense of the main ideas you want to convey. If this phrasing is not amenable to you, please alter it to suit your style.
  • I’m presenting text for the home, about, and fees page because those are the pages on a website that get the most traffic generally.
  • I didn’t include disclosures as those vary firm by firm. You should ask compliance for them.

Before we get into it, I’m assuming you’re visiting this page because you are a flat fee financial advisor.


Because transparency in financial advice is awesome!

I have a gazillion free resources that can help you!.

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Home page

We are a flat fee advisor firm in (insert city). We provide wealth management services for a fixed monthly fee that is made clear to you at all times.

Our mission is to provide the residents of (insert geographic area) with financial planning and investment management services that

1) are logical and clear to you at all times, and

2) truly benefit them more than us, Wall Street or anyone else involved with serving you.

My practice’s core values are:

  • Transparency,
  • Clarity,
  • Client advocacy,
  • Logic, and
  • Fairness.

Enough about us – now let’s get to you.

I am a:

(make buttons for each of your client categories that they can click)


Business owner

Unilever employee

Please view my ADV Part 2 brochure here (insert hyperlink).

Please view my Code of Ethics here (insert hyperlink).

About page

>insert headshot in professional attire

My name is (name) and I am a flat fee advisor in (city, state name spelled out not abbreviated).

After spending (X number of) years at (whatever past job), I founded this flat fee advisor practice. I wanted to serve the people of (insert largest city close to you) with financial advice in a way that reduced conflict-of-interest and maximized transparency to the client.

(insert 2-3 sentence anecdotal story that demonstrates your values)

I hold a bachelors degree in (subject) and the (?) designation(s).

My favorite book is (name) because (say reason). (note, you could include something else here but just make it meaningful and related to your values). And here is another glimpse of who I am outside of work:

>insert 2-3 pictures in more casual settings


We provide financial planning and investment services for a single monthly fee of $x.

This is a fixed fee; every month that you retain our services the cost will be $x. We do not receive any compensation in connection with the management of your account other than this fee.

This fee will be debited out of your accounts held at (custodian name) on a quarterly basis.

Other additional fees that you can expect to incur, but that will not be paid to us in any part, may include:

  • Trading fees
  • Brokerage commissions
  • Mutual funds and ETF expenses
  • Custodial fees

For more details about things such as ownership, clients, employees, etc., please view my ADV Part 2 brochure here (insert hyperlink).

Sara’s upshot

So there you have it – hope this flat fee advisor website copy was useful!

Guess what – we’ve got a leeeetle bit of a movement going on!

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These meetups are free and the goal is to learn from each other about how to grow and manage a transparent wealth management practice for the benefit of clients.

Even if you can not make the meetup, or even attend in its entirety, please register for the replay and to be notified of the next one. We meet on the second Wednesday of the month at 1 PM ET.


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