“Should I use a website pop up to get people to sign up for my newsletter?”

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Question from a follower: “Should I use a website pop up to get people to sign up for my newsletter?”

There is no clearer way I can say this: HECK NO.

You want a visit to your website to be a peaceful experience, not a haunted house.

Chaos = unpleasant

If you want to compel people to sign up for your newsletter, there are better ways.

Take these actions TODAY:

  • Name the newsletter and give it an exciting theme, “The recycle bin – each month I’ll publish a way to save for retirement using things you already know, but probably forgot about.”
  • Put buttons on the top of your home page, and at the top and bottom of every blog, where people can input their email to sign up
  • Include a visual snapshot of a highly compelling passage in a past newsletter and make sure it’s a wow, wow, super wow.
  • Get testimonials from people who have read it and post them under the sign up button.”

?Sara’s upshot

Someone signing up for a newsletter is a sale. They are exchanging something of value – their time and email – for your knowledge.

Start it off right – not by pushing, but rather by giving.

Give them a reason to not be able to resist what you have to say, and they’ll eagerly hunt down the subscribe button.



BOOM – there you go, today’s marketing tip for ya!

-Sara G

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-Sara G

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