Should financial advisors use Copilot?

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Question from a follower: Should I use Microsoft Copilot? Should I use Perplexity AI to create meeting agendas and checklist?”

There is no clearer way to say this: HECK NO.

Here is the reason:

There is already 0.000000001% perceived difference from one financial advisor to the next. Don’t create just some ho-hum briefing memo, make it a 1980s Peter Cetera love ballad.

To heck with scaling and efficiency when it comes to client-specific communications. It’ll ruin your ?brand.

Secret revealed: People can tell when it’s reeeeeeaaallly you and when you didn’t care enough.

Advisors have been running wealth management businesses for decades just fine without these robots. Stick to the old-fashioned way of doing things – high personalization, low volume.

Take this action TODAY:

  • Remember that somebody has to proofread all the AI output. AI is not a slam dunk. Do not add clutter and volume to operations using automated tools. It will just make things worse and it’ll be awful like the Carolina Panthers in 2023.
  • If you feel like you don’t have enough time to treat your clients with the high degree of personalization they deserve, reduce and streamline operations.
  • If you are that pressed for time, hire a ghostwriter. If you are short on dough, it could even be a college intern (talk to your local college career services department) and train the person to write personalized client communications on your behalf for $25 an hour. You will have to proofread them though.

Forget about AI, forget about using Microsoft Copilot, and make it a 1980’s hit single.



BOOM – there you go, today’s marketing tip for ya!

-Sara G

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