How to get time for marketing if you are a solo financial advisor

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Question from a subscriber: “As a solo advisor focused more on my clients, and maintaining a consistent marketing campaign is a challenge. For a couple of weeks I am flat out busy and my marketing goes silent.”

Yep, being consistent with marketing is a real challenge when you are the only one steering the ship.

Here are my ideas:

  • Clump” your marketing time and use scheduling tools. The major social platforms, email newsletter programs, and even Gmail allow you to schedule posts and emails in advance. You can schedule a three hour block once a month and produce your marketing content during that time, then just schedule it to be posted.
  • Be hyper-focused on quality rather than quantity when it come to relationships. I usually suggest having 20 people on your call list, but maybe that should be 5-10 people who are more likely to be more meaningful clients or centers-of-influence. Think of relationships in terms of impact rather than just maintaining relations for the sake of it.
  • Reduce the length of content by one half. Most advisor content (blogs, newsletters, emails, etc.) are way too long and shorter content engages better anyways.
  • Up or out.” Be honest with yourself about marketing that is not producing results and make a 30 day resolution to either make it work or cut it.

Having unstable or limited time does not have to be a disadvantage if you are strategic and simple about it.



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Marketing resources for solo financial advisors

Alright that’s all for now. Hope these tips about how solo financial advisors can find more time for marketing were useful.

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