What to do if your calendar is a brick wall of meetings

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Question from a subscriber: “My calendar is a brick wall of meetings. How can I free up time so I can market my practice?” Here’s what to do if you have too many meetings!

Here are my suggestions about reducing wasted time in meetings.

Some are pretty bold so hang on to your hats, folks!

  • Have an agenda prior to the meeting, and send it out to all participants.
  • Limit participants to an as-needed basis. Sometimes we include people for the sake of it. Only include those who truly need to be there.
  • Cut meeting time in half. If you can get it done in half the time, you should. Tell everyone at the start of the meeting that you are going to end it in half the time, and get them on board with being more focused right away.
  • Summarize the meeting 10 minutes in, and ask if it’s okay to end it at that point. This is a super bold move, but if the consensus is that you have accomplished what was needed, everyone will be glad to be given their time back.
  • Look at any notes or slides you have for the meeting and ask if what you have can be given to participants prior to the meeting. There may be things they can review instead of taking up live time.
  • Stay in control of tangents. Be conscious of topics that should be discussed at another point. If two people get into a tangent during the conversation, suggest tabling the conversation for another meeting or taking it offline. Make a note and follow up to make sure this was given proper attention after the meeting.



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Still have too many meetings?

Alright that’s all for now. Hope these tips about how to clear up time on your calendar were helpful.

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