Am I spending too much time on social media?

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Question from a subscriber: “How much time each day should I spend on social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)?”

25 minutes a day.

That’s it?


You don’t have to spend all day if you do this intelligently…

OKeeee here’s how it breaks out:

  • 10 minutes – respond to LinkedIn messages
  • 10 minutes – send a LinkedIn message to 5 contacts (prospect, COI, colleague)
  • 5 minutes – browse feed and comment on three postings from a prospect or client

Once in a while you should post something to your feed but the results will be limited in efficacy until you get the right people in your network (see above).

Building a community should be your focus

Here’s a big hint: above all else, the type of person in your following and your rapport with them means the most. It is aptly termed “social” media.



If you don’t waste time on the wrong people, you can get away with investing a very small amount of time per day. You should read these LinkedIn mistakes, for example, to learn about where you may be wasting your time. One example is trying to get the attention of someone who is not responsive is not an active participant on social media. You can tell if they would be likely to engage by looking at the details on their profile page and also at their activity feed. This is a much more strategic way to go about it than just randomly shooting off messages and hoping something sticks.

Way more here – check out these LinkedIn blogs for financial advisors.

BOOM – and there’s today’s marketing tip for ‘ya!

Resources that can help you use your time on social media wisely

Alright that’s all for now. Hope these tips about how much time to spend on social media were helpful.

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