Two sentence financial advisor email sequences that WON’T make you sound like a teenager

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There’s so much useless crap advice on the subject of financial advisor prospecting emails. Here are some sample email sequences you can use when you contact somebody for the first time to try to get them to be your client. Unlike what you’ve probably been taught so far, these emails won’t make you sound like a teenager.

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I am an irreverent and fun marketing consultant for financial advisors.

What is the objective of an introductory email?

I want to be clear; these are not follow up emails (I already did a podcast on those) and they’re not client emails. These are prospecting emails for financial advisors who are contacting someone for the first time cold.

I’ll start with what it’s not.

  • To get the meeting with one click
  • To tell your life story
  • To convince someone they need you

Here’s what the goal for a financial advisor’s introductory email should be:

  • To get them to respond
  • To get their attention
  • To get them curious
  • To change their pattern of consciousness so that with the next email you can open them up a tiny bit more

Now, they may or may not respond the first time you email them. They probably aren’t even sure that you’re not a scammer who is trying to get them to send in money for share in some gold mine business venture.

That’s why I’ve set this up as a sequence. Let’s start with how the email should look.

Why your email must be two sentences long

I’ve written in depth about my Two Sentence Rule. It applies to most digital communications a financial advisor would use:

  • Text messages
  • Emails
  • LinkedIn messages
  • Facebook messages
  • Elevator pitches
  • Certain parts of your website

The main premise behind my Two Sentence Rule is to say one sentence that clarifies information, and then say a second sentence that asks a question or incites the prospect to take a specific action.

I’ll get to the email samples in a moment, but I need you to understand the premise here; it’s about not presenting too many ideas, too many assumptions, or too much complexity to a prospect you are approaching cold.

Read more about my Two Sentence Rule in this blog about financial advisor LinkedIn messages.

Financial advisor email formatting tips

Now let’s talk about some formatting guidelines for the email template you financial advisors can use.

Actually, they are “musts.”

Your email:

  • Must be two sentences (we already covered that)
  • Must have a financial advisor email signature including your phone, website, and whatever compliance requires in terms of disclaimers (there’s nothing worse than when I want to respond back to an email or call the person, and I have to hunt around for the contact info).
  • Should have a catchy subject line without spam filter trigger words (such as “free”, $$, “cash”, or “no fees.”)
  • Must be written in a font that is large and dark enough to read easily.
  • Email tone must be humble and unassuming. This will separate you from all the other pompous jerks who assume the person is just sitting there waiting for someone to send them an email trying to sell whole life insurance. Don’t act like you are the Lebron James of financial advice and they should stop everything they are doing and respond right away.
  • No attachments, PDF files, downloadable documents, or videos. Don’t barf on them.
  • Try to avoid yes or no questions if possible

Financial advisor email templates

Each message sequence has three parts. I won’t go into it here, but I’ve done a deep dive on how to transition a prospect from cold to warm in a blog about LinkedIn messaging.

Email #1

This sets up the prospect for the transition by opening the dialogue. You want to make sure your humbleness is at its peak here. The main goal of the first financial advisor email is to get attention and get a response. Let’s say you’re calling on business owners.

Subject line: Congrats on the biz award!

Text: It was great to see another Vanderbilt alum in the Cleveland Business Owners digest 2022 awards. How did you get from Nashville to the Hall of Fame?  

The best way to get someone’s attention is to cite an observation that is 100% about them and has nothing to do with you. You may have to do some research.

If they don’t respond, you have to repeat email #1. You can repeat it up to two times but if they are still not responding then lay it to rest.

Email #2

Now that you got their attention, the goal is to get them talking over email to where there’s enough of a basis to ask for the meeting. Here’s the second email for the financial advisor to send.

If they respond, leave the email subject line as is. If it worked the first time, it’ll work the second time; no need to change it up unless a major amount of time has passed.

Let’s say the respond back and say thank you. If that’s all they said, you would respond with the below. If they said more, you would use that as the basis for your second email in the prospecting sequence.

Text: Such an inspirational story. What’s your next step?

Email #3

Now you’re going for the “close.” Here you want to transition them into being connected with you on social media so you can use LinkedIn messages to develop the relationship slowly and patiently over time.

Text: Would love to stay in touch on LinkedIn as you may enjoy some of my news feed discussions about business owner financial tips. Okay to connect?

These financial advisor email templates are just guidelines. There is nothing to say that these words will work with the specific person you are trying to reach. However what I’m trying to teach here is an approach to use when you are a financial advisor contacting a prospect for the first time over email. Cold email is tough; treat them how they should be treated; like people, rather than a set of digits on an income statement.  

Sara’s upshot

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