Getting started with the Sara Grillo membership

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So you joined the membership. Congratulations!


There are four parts to this guide.

Part I – How to receive 100% of communications clearly and directly

Part 2 – All about the videos

Part 3 – Answers to the FAQs

Part 4 – What to do if you get lost

Part I: How to receive 100% of communications clearly and directly

#1 Please connect with me on LinkedIn.

#2 Join private membership group here:

#3 Save these webinar dates.

Webinars are the third Wednesday of every month at 1 PM ET. Please save these 2022 dates:

  • April 19, 2023
  • May 17, 2023
  • June 21, 2023
  • July 19, 2023
  • Aug 16, 2023
  • Sept 20, 2023
  • Oct 18, 2023
  • Nov 15, 2023
  • Dec 20, 2023

#4 Safe sender

 I’m putting you on the newsletter list to be notified of any membership updates. Please add to your email safe sender list.

Part 2: How to get started with the videos

This section presents an order in which you should watch the membership videos. To access these videos, please log on to your portal and visit the dashboard. Use the search bar at the top of the page to search for the videos.

Step #1: Setting up your brand, purpose statement, and mission online!

Start here.

Video 7 is the first one to watch when you begin my membership. It will teach you how to set up your LinkedIn profile page correctly so you don’t look like a cliché. It’s important to do this first because you’ll be directing traffic here. It’s the foundation for your prospecting and it is going to reflect your core mission, values, and purpose, all of which are critical for building your community.

Vid 71: Your LinkedIn name

Vid 81: Your LI title

Vid 68: Featured posts

Step #2: Complete the core content

READ “Financial Advisor Marketing Plan” e-book. The title is, “A financial advisor marketing plan that will not stress you out.” DO NOT BUY IT. It is free if you are logged in to the portal. If you did not get your free copy, ask me (Sara) for it.

READ “47 LinkedIn Messages” e-book. DO NOT BUY IT. It is free if you are logged in to the portal. Ask me (Sara) if you did not get your free copy.

Vid 42 – Messaging Basics

Vid 44: Emojis

Vid 50 – Legal considerations for using someone else’s images and music you find on the internet

Vid 77: Financial Advisor LinkedIn Strategy – the basics you need to know

Vid 79 and Vid 85: LinkedIn posting scripts – examples to follow

Vid 80: Initial engagement – highly important that you understand this. This is arguably the most critical video in this whole membership.

Vid 82: Varying the content type

Vid 84: Influencer marketing

Vid 87: Strategic commenting

Vid 91: The first line means everything

Vid 92: LinkedIn weekly work schedule

Vid 96: The Relevance Score

Step #3: Create your community and start connecting

Next you need to learn how to search for prospects within your target niche. In this step, you learn how LinkedIn search works, how to create a target list of 20 people, set up your funnel, and how to send them a message to connect with you.

Vid 1 – Create your list of 20

Vid 2 – How LinkedIn search works

Vid 3 – Sending an engaging connection request

Vid 47 – Additional tips for creating your list of 20

Vid 95: Transition Messages

Step #4: Get a Funnel Going

Once you get a certain amount of people connected to you, it’s time to get a meeting with them. This takes a high degree of skill in the way you communicate.

As you work, don’t forget about the boring, maintenance tasks to carry out. Vid 27: The 3 month regimen – these are maintenance tips you need to be carrying out every 3 months (or even more frequently, if you can)

Yawn…yes…I know. These tasks are not glamorous but they are helpful.

Also remember Vid 92 – LinkedIn weekly schedule. If you are falling off track, visit this page.

Step #5: Refine strategy / assess results every 3 months!

What if you get stuck/frustrated?

How do you know how well you are performing?

  • See Vid 27 for how to assess your LinkedIn performance results. Do this every 3 months at least.
  • Watch Vid 61 – why isn’t this working? It will troubleshoot the pitfalls many fall into on LinkedIn, and how to alleviate them.Vid 95 – transition messages. Review it. Most of the time when people are messing up on LinkedIn messenger they are messing up the transition.
  • Revisit the core content – see section above. Often when people are messing up they are overlooking or not executing to the fullest on the key fundamental concepts taught in this membership.
  • Also please feel free to message me as I can offer you guidance about how to get un-stuck.
  • Use the non core content to brush up on specific skills. There are 80+ videos on the dashboard, organized into categories such as: making connections, gaining traffic, your online brand, etc. Where is your process breaking down? There are videos on newsletters, YouTube strategy, Facebook, Twitter, Google/SEO, how to manage your time, etc. Use the search bar at the top of the membership videos page to search for these videos.

Sara Grillo Membership Extras

I have included a few “extras” in the membership. Email me and I will send you the following Excel sheets.

ROI /Profitability analyzer – Have you ever looked at how profitable each business line or business activity is for you? How do you grow in a profitable way. Use this sheet to find out.

Prospect tracker – If you don’t have a CRM, use this Excel sheet to track progress on each name on your list.

Results sheet – Monitor your daily progress using this Excel sheet.

Branding questionnaire – help you create a brand

Part 3: Membership FAQs

Here are the typical questions people ask me after joining the membership.

How do I log on? / I can’t find my password

When you signed up you should have received a confirmation email with your username and password in it. The page where you should log in is here:

What to do:

  • Check your inbox for the confirmation email. It will go to the email address you used to sign up.
  • If you did not receive a confirmation email with your username and password, please check your Spam folder.
  • If you still can not locate your confirmation email, just email

My password doesn’t work

Don’t worry!

The password was sent to you in the confirmation email when you signed up. As noted above, please kindly make sure you are using the correct log in URL, username, and password as provided in the confirmation email.

What to do:

  • If the password provided to you does not work, just email
  • I will simply need to reset the password for you.
  • The new password will come to you at the email address you used to sign up.

How can I find all my membership content in one place?

It’s simple. Just log on and click this link.

I need to change my credit card information.

Easy to do!

Log on at

  • On the left side, click on where it says “my subscriptions.”
  • Where it says “actions” select “change payment.”
  • On the bottom where it says “credit card”, enter the new card info.
  • Click “change payment method” to update your payment info.

My payment got denied.

No problem! This could be perhaps due to outdated credit card information (if you changed your card, if your credit card expired). Other times it could just be a systems blip.

What to do:

  • Please confirm that your credit card information is up to date and that the card you have there is active and working.
  • Log on at
  • On the left side, click on where it says “my subscriptions.”
  • Click on where it says “payment methods.”
  • If your credit card information is up to date and correct, then the problem lies somewhere within the back end of the system. In that case, just email

Help! I’m still lost!

Remember if you get lost, I’m just a LinkedIn message away! Message me!

Or just email


-Sara G