Fun and creative ways to grow your business during coronavirus

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You know me. I always tend to take the opposite point of view. It’s not that I disagree with the concern. I disagree with the panic.

In this podcast you will learn the opportunity that the coronavirus presents for financial advisors to grow their businesses. There is a massive opportunity presenting itself. I know you feel overwhelmed and worried, but please listen to my podcast because it can give you a new perspective that will help.


And always remember that I’m nothing without you, my listeners. Any topic requests, big or small, let me know.

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Practice Management

Is it Okay for Financial Advisors to Swear in Front of Clients?

Swearing is a big no-no for advisors to do in front of clients, but if done correctly (and that’s a big “if”), swearing can set you apart from other brands that may not have the courage to be so raw. Just as the famous financial disclaimer goes: higher risk, higher potential reward.

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Practice Management

Is it Okay for Financial Advisors to Cry in Front of Clients?

I’ve talked before about how instead of being shrouded and veiled, advisors should come across in a more human and relatable way with clients and prospects. But how raw can get you before you step over the line –is it okay to cry in front of clients? Sometimes the authenticity can say more about your authenticity than any marketing pitch.

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