Is the Future of Advisor Software Free?

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While the rest of the world offers free software like YouTube, Adobe, Evernote, Spotify, etc., financial services has resisted. Today I’m talking to David Lyon, Founder and CEO of Oranj, about how this model may just be the future of financial advisor software.

Listeners will learn:

  • Why free software, more scalable, is the way that you build really good software
  • Why free platforms are getting the traction that they are outside of finance
  • What David is seeing the factors impacting independent financial advisors that will require software to be low or no cost in the future
  • What happened to the music industry over the last 20 years and how finance may be following the same path
  • How the economics of free software work – is free really free? Is it really viable for financial advisors to use free software?
  • David’s 3 tidbits of advice for a financial advisor who is looking at any piece of free software

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