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In What Order do I Watch the Membership Videos?

My membership covers a variety of subjects. This blog presents an order in which you should watch the membership videos.

To access these videos, please log on to your portal and input the password for each vid. If you have trouble getting to the videos, please access the FAQs doc here.

Setting up your profile

Start here.

Video 7 is the first one to watch when you begin my membership. It will teach you how to set up your LinkedIn profile page correctly so you don’t look like a cliché. It’s important to do this first because you’ll be directing traffic here – it’s the foundation for your prospecting.

Create your list of 20 and start connecting

Next you need to learn how to search for prospects within your target niche. Watch videos 1-3 to learn how LinkedIn search works, how to create a target list of 20 people, and how to send them a message to connect with you

Vid 1 – create your list of 20

Vid 2 – how LinkedIn search works

Vid 3 – sending an engaging connection request

Vid 10 – what to do after someone connects with you

Advanced messaging – sequences and transitions

Once you get a certain amount of people connected to you, it’s time to get a meeting with them. This takes a high degree of skill in the way you communicate. The following videos will teach you transition messages – how to get them from cold to warm to meeting – as well as some sequences of messages that have worked for other clients of mine.

Vid 12 – speed round – rapid messaging technique

Vid 11 – messaging when you are trying to talk to business owners

Vid 17 – transition

Vid 19 – transition

Vid 23 – video (transition)

Vid 24- transitions

Vid 29 – sequence

Vid 30 – humor (transition)

Vid 32 – responding to notifications

Vid 33 – nuisance close (transition)

Vid 34 – use a survey (transition)

Developing your online brand

Now that you’re attracting attention to your page, your online brand can’t be a boring, dry financial advisor cliché. Here’s how to give it some personality.

Vid 9 – 4 Killer Ideas for LinkedIn Content

Vid 15 – Rockstar Blog Posts on LinkedIn

Vid 20 – Graphic design for Financial Advisors

Vid 21 – So, you’re recording your first YouTube video!

Vid 25 – YouTube Styling Techniques

Vid 31 – How to Make This Awesome Thumbnail

Vid 36 – YouTube secrets of the rich and famous

Vid 37 – Facebook basics

Driving traffic to your profile and raising visibility

Tips to get even people to find you on LinkedIn instead of you having to find them.

Vid 4 – How to Look Cool (Not Sleazy) in LinkedIn Groups

Vid 5 – The Fun Way to Meet Prospects in LinkedIn Groups

Vid 6 – Creating a LinkedIn Community That Rocks

Vid 8 – The 1, 2 , 3 Combo

Vid 14 – How to get Podcast Interviews like a Celeb

Vid 22 – Getting onto Google page one

Vid 28 – How to Kill It In the News Feed

Vid 35 – Running your first sponsored ad campaign

Program management

These are the things you’ll need to do on a routine basis to keep your profile up to date, stay compliant, and stay on track to meet your goals.

Vid 18 – Results, results, results!

Vid 26 – Suggestions for Meeting Compliance Requirements

Vid 27 – Social Media Maintenance Regimen (3 months)

Sara Grillo Membership Extras

I have included a few “extras” in the membership. Ask me to send you the following Excel sheets.

ROI /Profitability analyzer – Have you ever looked at how profitable each business line or business activity is for you? How do you grow in a profitable way. Use this sheet to find out.

Prospect tracker – If you don’t have a CRM, use this Excel sheet to track progress on each name on your list.

Results sheet – Monitor your daily progress using this Excel sheet.

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