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What not to say in a crisis

Financial advisors who are prospecting for new clients in a crisis should avoid saying these things to people.

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Response to Marty Bicknell 22 Billion and Counting

Response to Marty Bicknell 22 Billion and Counting

I read a fabulous article by Steve Garmhausen of Barron’s Advisor. It has some valuable takeaways for financial advisors who are looking to make an acquisition, be acquired, or grow their businesses with scale.

Here is a link to the article so you can follow along as I discuss these points.

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Garmhausen, Stephen. 29 February, 2020. Barron’s. Marty Bicknell: $22 Billion and Counting. Retrieved from

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4 Ways to Get New Clients during the Coronavirus

Here are 4 ways for financial advisors to get new clients during the coronavirus

How does a financial advisor get new clients during the coronavirus? Here are 4 financial advisor tips for marketing during the coronavirus.

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Financially Empowering those Blessed with the Gift of Autism

I speak with Daniel Jones of the Aspie World to discuss how to financially empower those blessed with the beautiful gift of autism.

I first encountered Aspie World, the YouTube channel of Daniel Jones, our guest this episode, when searching for information about how to handle an autism meltdown.

Daniel Morgan Jones has Aspergers, ADHD, OCD and Dyslexia. He has shined a brilliant light on the subject of neurodiversity in an engaging, positive, and sometimes humorous way that few others have been able to do.

His motto? “Autism is F**king cool.”

Thanks, buddy. I am sure the 116k people following him on YouTube and the 6 million + people who have watched his videos feel the same.

In this episode we celebrate the beautiful gift of autism and talk about what financial advisors should do if their clients or the families of the clients they work with are on the autism spectrum. With autism diagnosis on the rise, it is such an essential thing to be able to understand what financial advisors should know about working with clients who may be on the autism spectrum.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not unlikely, rare, or impossible for an autistic person to be successful enough to be a high net worth individual. Look at the contributions that autistic people have made to our society such as Andy Warhol, Nikola Tesla, Hans Christian Andersen, and Sir Isaac Newton.

People with the beautiful gift of Autism process information differently. But there is no set or defined way that this happens. Autism is a spectrum, and people are affected in ways that range widely from one to the next. Autism may impact the way a person communicates, their motor skills, their ability to interact socially, and very importantly, their response to certain environments.

I really appreciated the perspective of Dan regarding several topics related to financial advice and autism. Here are a few of them below.

? Tips for how financial advisors should communicate with a client who is autistic

? Guidelines for emailing autistic clients and conveying large amount of financial information to an autistic client of a financial advisor

? What to know about how to arrange an appropriate setting for an in person meeting a financial advisor may have with an autistic client

Thank you, Dan, for shining your light onto us. Thank you for all you have done to advocate for individuals and families of those with autism. You are changing the world!

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Fun and creative ways to grow your business during coronavirus

In this podcast you will learn the opportunity that the coronavirus presents for financial advisors to grow their businesses during the coronavirus.

You know me. I always tend to take the opposite point of view. It’s not that I disagree with the concern. I disagree with the panic.

In this podcast you will learn the opportunity that the coronavirus presents for financial advisors to grow their businesses. There is a massive opportunity presenting itself. I know you feel overwhelmed and worried, but please listen to my podcast because it can give you a new perspective that will help.


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Navy SEAL tips for handling an Enemy Ambush

What we’re going to hear about today on the podcast may not seem as relevant to a financial advisor as things like how to make a sales pitch or how to write a great economic outlook. But let’s face it. We are at work in a business environment for most of the day. A lot of us travel on business in places that are unfamiliar. You never know when you’ll be in a situation where you are called upon to protect yourself, someone who works for you, or a client.

I am so honored to have one of the world’s top experts here to tell us about safety tips for financial advisors. His name is Clint Emerson and he is a retired Navy Seal who was special operations and part of the elite Navy Seal Team Six. He goes by the moniker The Violent Nomad. Clint is the founder of Escape The Wolf, a crisis management company, and author of two books, The Right Kind Of Crazy and 100 Deadly Skills. Check out his YouTube channel if you want to learn how to perform high speed escape manuevers in an automobile, escape handcuffs or duct tape, and/or how to steal a plane.

I was extremely honored to have Clint with us to talk about:       

·       What was the biggest thing you took away from your experience as a Navy Seal?

·       What do people need to know about safety when traveling on business?

·       How do you secure a hotel room?

·       What about tips for driving to a business event?

·       What about active shooter situations?

On a final note, I want to express my deep appreciation and gratitude for all of the men and women of the armed forces who have dedicated their lives and put it all on the line to defend our country’s freedom and liberty. You are all heroes and we as a nation are forever grateful for your service.

To hire Clint to speak at your company or to purchase any of his defensive gear and supplies, please visit his websites below:

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Violent Nomad

Escape the Wolf

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Ignore this horrifying advice about the next recession

Ignore this horrifying advice from industry thought leaders about what financial advisors should do in the next recession.

I made this podcast in response to an article I read called, “Can a recession benefit an advice firm?” by Jeff Benjamin of InvestmentNews. Some of the things that have been said in this article by industry “thought leaders” I find utterly horrifying.

  • I think that it typifies what is wrong with our industry
  • I think it’s shallow
  • Most of all, it neglects people’s emotions and lacks a consideration for who people really are as human beings, who the clients are that financial advisors are really trying to serve.

In this podcast you’ll hear some of the quotes about what financial advisors should do in the next recession that are particularly alarming to me. You’ll also hear about what I believe is better for advice for what financial advisors should do to prepare for the next recession.

Sources cited in this podcast

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Fashion Advice from Antonio SABROSURA!

Former Ralph Lauren model Antonio Aspuru comments upon the fashion mistakes that financial advisors make, fashion tips for the business casual office, and more!

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Super Dope COI Strat for 2020

In this podcast we talk about a highly reward strategy for cultivating relationships with centers of influence for financial advisors to use.

In this podcast we welcome Alanah Phillips of Lincoln Financial Network to talk with us about a highly effective strategy for cultivating rewarding relationships with Centers of Influence (COIs) in 2020.


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