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Cracking the Code of the Sudden Wealth Client

Does your website say this: I help affluent individuals and families, business owners, and people who have suddenly come into wealth.

Sounds like a good line, right?

But are you really a specialist in helping people through change? Are you really? Have you studied it?

Do you really understand the psychology of the suddenly rich person?

Change is uncomfortable, confusing, and needing to be managed whether or not it’s a good thing.

In this show with Susan Bradley, Founder of the Financial Transitionist Institute, you will learn about the stages of transition and what you need to do to get into the mind of the sudden wealth client.

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Let’s Get Past the Lip Service on Getting More Women into Finance

I was honored to speak with Dorothy Hinchcliff, Director of the Invest In Women conference and Executive Editor of Financial Advisor magazine, to talk about the real story. How can we get more women into finance?

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I Want Your Feedback On My Podcast (Please)

For those of you who have been so kind to listen to my podcast, thank you and please let me know how I can better help you solve problems in your business. Survey below:

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Preparing Your Clients for the Opioid Crisis

This show is about how financial advisors can prepare their clients for the opioid crisis.

The profile of a drug addict has changed. It’s not a destitute person dressed in rags anymore who lives in a tent. It’s the people you are going to college with. It’s the person driving your kids’ school bus. It’s your dentist. It’s the person who sits next to you at church.

America is addicted to prescription drugs.

This is impacting the population of young adults the most. For those of you who plan to be in the business for the long term, consider doing the following things I mention in this show as a way to prepare your clients for the opioid crisis.

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Marketing Lab Rat

In this podcast I am joined by guest Taylor Schulte . We discuss exciting financial advisor marketing experiments we’ve done as well as their results!

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Stop Barfing. It will improve your Marketing ROI.

How financial advisors can improve their marketing return on investment.

In this podcast you will learn how to disarm rich people by not barfing useless information on them during a sales meeting like most people do.

Most important things you will learn:

*Credibility vs. Relatability

*How the Online Buyer is different from a warm lead

*The 3 Step No Barfing Process

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Clapping Back on Fee Objections

I make more in AUM fees and so AUM pricing is the way to go and that’s it!

Well…maybe not anymore.

Fee pressures abound. When somebody challenges you on fees, how do you clap back? Here’s Matt Jackson of Dialectic Consulting here to tell you all the evolution of the financial advisor pricing model and how to use it to market your business.

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Innovate, Disrupt and Win!

On today’s show we have Eric Clarke of Orion Advisor Services who offers his perspective on Reg BI, Big Data, and being a leader not a victim of change.

Enjoy the show!


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Music is “Arp Bounce” by Geographer