Stuck with the wrong clients? You’re not alone!

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Are you doing business with the wrong type of client? Join Sara Grillo & Eric Negron and discover how to turn your existing client base into a goldmine of referrals!

In this show, you’ll learn:

?How to identify your ideal client and re-engage your current ones.

?The 3 powerful questions to ask that unlock hidden referral opportunities within your existing network. ?

?Why consistent communication is key to building stronger client relationships (and getting more referrals!).

?Strategies to overcome distractions and deliver value that resonates with your clients.

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Hosts: Sara Grillo & Eric Negron

Topic: Re-Engaging Existing Clients for Referrals & Growth

(0:00) Intro & Welcome
(1:00) Case Study: Advisor with 400 Unideal Clients & Desire for New Clientele
(2:20) Eric’s View: Identifying Ideal Clients & Utilizing Existing Network
(3:40) Sarah’s Doubt: Difficulty Finding Referrals Among 400 Unengaged Clients
(4:20) Eric’s 3-Question Strategy for Deep Client Conversations:
Future Goals & Collaboration: “What would make our collaboration successful for you?”
Current Value Perception: “What aspects of our work do you find most valuable?”
Referral Opportunities: “Is there anyone you know who might benefit from these services?”
(5:20) Sarah’s Concerns Regarding Open-Ended Questions & Distractions
(6:40) Eric’s Emphasis: Repetition, Value Delivery, & Consistent Communication
(7:40) Sarah’s Agreement: Rethinking the Value Proposition for Existing Clients
(8:20) Conclusion: Unearthing Hidden Potential & Building Stronger Relationships

Key Takeaways:
?Re-engaging existing clients can be a valuable source of referrals and new business.

?Identifying your ideal client profile helps tailor communication and identify potential referrals.

?Deep, value-driven conversations can uncover client needs and referral opportunities.

?Repetition, consistent communication, and a compelling value proposition are crucial for client engagement.

Actionable Tips:
?Review your existing client base and identify potential fit with your ideal client profile.

?Schedule dedicated conversations with clients, focusing on their goals and experiences.

?Ask strategic questions to understand client values and identify potential referral networks.

?Consistently communicate value, demonstrate expertise, and build stronger client relationships.


Who? Okay, here’s a good one. 

I got an interesting question today. 


I’m talking to this advisor, and he. 

Says, I got 400 clients, but they’re not the kind of client that I want in the future. It was the people from 15 years ago when I started out selling insurance policies or a share mutual funds. And now I’m looking for Aum, and I’m looking for the doctors and the business owners. Now, but before, it was, like, you. 

Mean basically when they started out, before they were on that doctor plan, basically, if you had bones in an x ray, they’d talk to you. 

Right, okay, exactly. They would do business with anybody. Right. 

They basically are a collector, a museum. They collect things, collecting different kinds. 

Guys got, like, 400 clients, right? 


And he’s like, I want to market, but I can’t get referrals from these clients because they’re Joe from the block. It’s not like the business owner with 50 employees that lives in the hoity toity part of town, right? 


And he’s like, moreover, I don’t have time to be writing content, which I have to give it to him, because I hate it when advisors get kind of roped into that. I see this all the time, that they think they can write blogs, but they really just end up not having the time to do it. They get writers blocked. They get busy, and then it’s like, this whole waste of money. And it’s like, I hate doing business with clients like that. So, everybody, if you’re listening to me, don’t be dishonest with yourself about what your limitations are in marketing. So that I have to give to him, right? 


What would you say to this guy? He wants to get new clients, but he’s got these 400 clients that he. 

Doesn’T have a good base for referrals. 


First thing I would say to this guy is like, who is it that you want to serve? 


What type of clients, and what would perfect look like to you? 


Whatever that is. Maybe you want to work with executives that are empty nesters, and you want to work with business owners that have under ten employees, and that’s who you want to work with. 


All right, let’s say it was business owners, right? 


Let’s say it’s business owners. First thing I would do is listen. I would start with what I got before I go get anything else. I would go through this 400 clients and do, like, a review of them. Like, which of these people is their opportunity for me to go and see if there’s something within there that I could do more with and that I could gauge on a different level that I could offer some more value. I’d start there and see if they could introduce me to business owners. If you don’t have that, okay, so let’s say the 400. There’s nobody there, but you got to keep that. 

Hold on, bro. 

Hold on. 

Is that a load of bs that. 

He says that, no, there’s nobody because. 

I don’t know who these 400 people are. 

How do you do business with 400 people that you can’t go back to them and then say, hey, do you value and appreciate my service? 

400 people, and no one in those 400 knows anybody rich? 

Yeah, I find it really hard. That’s a lot. 400 clients is a lot. So this tells me that one, this particular client, this particular advisor or prospective client, he doesn’t have any process to. 

Go deep with these people because the. 

Reality of it is, listen, just let me loose on those 400 clients and I’m going to have 400 conversations and I’m going to ask. Here’s what I’m going to ask. I’m going to ask three questions. Here’s question number one. Mr. And Mrs. Client, if were sitting back three years from now looking at your finances, your planning, and the things that are going on in your life, if were sitting back looking at it, what are the things that we need to do together so that you feel like it was the best use of our time working together professionally and then shut up. Let them tell you. They’re going to tell you exactly what they want. Cool. Then you’re going to ask a follow up question. Currently, what are the things that we. 

If assuming you have a we, if it’s just a you, what are the things that I am doing for you that you find most valuable? They’re going to tell you. 


Now you can ask a follow up question that goes like this. Is there anybody that you know right now that you think could benefit from those things that you found most valuable? That is just kind of positioning it. And then the follow up is. And I’ll be quiet. You can chime in. The follow up is, I want to let you know that I will always make time to talk to people that you care about if you think I can help them, and then be quiet. Those three framing questions and then that positioning, there’s no way you won’t get more opportunities out of 400 clients. You know, what the hell to do with. 

The third question is weird because I. 

Feel like it’s too open ended, like, right now. Eric, what would you do if I came to you and, Eric, you know, you read my daily. I. I know a lot about LinkedIn marketing. Who in your network would need help with their LinkedIn? You’d be like, I don’t know. And then the demons start to come into your mind of like, oh, I got to think about this right now. Oh, my gosh. My kid. Did I forget to pack ham and my kid’s sandwich today for lunch? 

Yeah, it’s not an actionable car. 

You know what I’m saying? The distractions and the interference, like, right. They try to cut. 

But that’s why, to me, you’re right. Right. It’s not an easy question to be immediately. And that why, to me, this needs to be done in repetition. So, the reality is, what’s going on with our clients is we are all fighting weapons of mass distraction, which are these devices. We’re competing with Netflix and Amazon and Facebook and whatever the hell else is. The Kardashians. Yeah. We cannot keep up with them. 


So the reality of it is that’s why you got to have repetition, and you better say something that’s interesting. So if you got 400 clients, you better be having a conversation with them. You better be seeing you can deliver value, and you better be doing it consistently. So I agree with you. I find it hard to believe that there’s not gold in 400 clients somewhere. 

I agree totally.

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