Funny out of office message – funny example

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Use your out-of-office response as a way to make people laugh; it conveys positive energy.

Why does your out-of-office message matter?

Every touch you have with a client or prospect is branding. It does not matter how small an element it is. Your brand should convey energy and better if it is positive energy.


Positive people are rare. Try being so positive in your business, that people think you are on crack.

Take this action TODAY

Don’t just state the obvious, “I’m out of the office today, contact Carolyn in my absence.”

Soooo boring.

Try this:

“I’m unable to be reached today as I’m busy reconquering the Austro-Hungarian empire. I’ll be back tomorrow but if you need help in the meantime, reach out to Carolyn and she’ll text me while I’m on the battlefield.”

Give ’em a wow, wow, super wow.



Be funny every chance you get!

Well-timed, intelligent humor is a killer marketing strategy. Most people are on the verge of a nervous breakdown and so when you make them laugh it’s memorable and they enjoy it. Put it forth every single chance you get – even the little ways matter.

BOOM – and there’s today’s marketing tip for ‘ya!

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Alright that’s all for now. I hope this out of office message example was useful.

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