Three reasons your marketing isn’t working

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If you are frustrated by marketing failures, or feel like you are throwing away money on marketing that doesn’t work, here are the reasons why.

Stop throwing money away!

Question from a subscriber: “I spent $1k on marketing and got zero leads. Should I stop marketing?”


You should not necessarily stop marketing, but you should press the “pause” button until you figure out why it failed.

Reasons why marketing fails – 3 possible examples

Here are three possible reasons, ranking from most to least likely:

#1 Did not listen to the buyer

Lack of relevance to the buyer is the #1 reason you fail at marketing. If you guessed what your prospect wanted to hear about, you did not listen well enough.

Tactics for increasing relevance are described in this blog.

#2 Too unfocused

The scope of work was probably too broad.

For the reason described in #1, you’re way better off forgetting about trying to be all things to everyone. But usually marketing people won’t tell you that (because they want to sell you more “stuff.)

#3 Failure to articulate how you can help, in a meaningful way

Most people in the world do not understand what a financial plan is. They think it is just a boring printout or a set of graphs.

Make a video, send them a survey, send them a PDF sample plan – make it come to life. When it is time to present your solution, make it so clear that there is no way they could possibly fail to grasp it.



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