What you MUST DO if you want to sell copies of a book online

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Question from a subscriber: “I recently wrote a book. How do I get people to buy a copy?” Selling a book online is no joke. Here are some tips to help you get super famous and become a best seller!

How to sell a book on Amazon

Go on Amazon and find someone who wrote a similar book, and sold a gazillion copies. Figure out how they did it by checking out their social media or website.

  • What reporters interviewed them?
  • Where did they speak?
  • Which special interest groups seem to support this kind of topic?
  • What influencers have promoted the book to their audience?



I’m not saying to do the same exact thing – which would be stalkerish – but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Try to interact with the other author on social media and get attention from (e.g. “swipe”) some of their followers.


How to sell a book online – other tactics

  • Call local companies and ask if you can give a talk
  • Call the HR department of large companies close to you, and get them to give it away to their employees as a holiday gift
  • Post quotes transposed onto motivational images on social media
  • Get interviewed on podcasts
  • Organize a mini “book tour” by getting speaking appearances at your local libraries, book clubs, etc.
  • Use SEO optimization on Google to attract people to your book’s landing page and any other blogs on related topics
  • Give away a free chapter or a few free pages to influencers who have the attention of the readers you want, and ask them to discuss with their followers
  • Have a webinar and give everyone a free chapter
  • Organize a giveaway on social media

Remember that the best thing you can do to sell more books is develop a community. Understand the profile of your reader, and why they like your style. Nurture the relationship with that community, whether online or in person.

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Get psyched and go do it!

Alright that’s all for now. Hope these tips about how to sell a book online were useful.

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