Flat fee advisor list by state

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Please use this list of flat fee financial advisors by state to contact flat fee or advice-only advisors close to you for networking or other purposes.

Please note:

This list of flat fee and advice-only advisors by state is not an endorsement of any particular individual, their firm, or their services; please do your own research when selecting a financial advisor. There is nothing that guarantees that accuracy of this content and it is subject to change without notice.


Formula Wealth


The Coleridge Group


Worthwhile Retirement


Carol Acker

Nancy K. Weeks Associates, LLC

650 691-0440


Axis Capital

Clear Retirement Advice


Retirement Road Map Financial Planning

Etzler Financial


Lodestar Financial Planning

Downshift Financial




Delaware Financial Planning


Blue Tree Financial


South Shore Financial Planning


Data Point Financial Planning


Black Sawn Financial Planning

Meredith Wealth Planning


Elevation Financial


Ignite Planning

Arnold and Mote Wealth Management


Fenway Financial Advisors

Plan for it Financial



Thrive Retirement Specialists


Child Free Wealth


Laminar Wealth

Jayson M. Thornton, CFP

New Jersey

Vilga Financial Planning

Freedom Found Financial

Tenon Financial

New Mexico

Jose Sanchez

New York State

True Abundance Advisors

Mountain Pass Planning

Ford Financial

North Carolina

FWJ Planning

Flat Fee CIO

Level Wealth

Scholar Advising


Quiet Wealth

Truly Prosper Financial Planning


Gray Wealth Strategies

Empowering Finance


Emancipare Financial Planning


7 Saturdays Financial


RFK Capital Management


Discovery Wealth Planning

Manuka Financial

Noble Hill Planning

Washington state

Scaled Finance

Maura Madden Financial Planning


Direction Financial Management

Kardinal Financial

Transform Retirement

Washington, DC



Sara Grillo and Grillo Investment Management, LLC are not compensated for including any of the aforementioned individuals on this list. There is nothing that guarantees that accuracy of this content and it is subject to change without notice and Sara Grillo is not obligated to update this information.

This list is not an endorsement of any particular individual, their firm, or their services. Sara Grillo and Grillo Investment Management, LLC are not endorsing anyone or recommending any financial advisor on this list. Sara Grillo and Grillo Investment Management, LLC were not paid to feature any of these advisors; no monetary relationship exists with any of them. Also, the examples in this list are not presented in any particular order relative to meaningfulness; this is not a ranked list, and the order is random.

If you are considering hiring a financial advisor, please do your own research. This is not an endorsement of anyone mentioned here, and situations could change and not be reflected here. Also, there is selection bias inherent in this list. Sara Grillo did not interview all the hundreds of thousands of advisors out there, Sara Grillo conducted research using Google and posted on social media. So this is limited to those accessible to Sara Grillo. Again, conduct your own research; this list is intended to be a starting point but by no means is it exhaustive or conclusive.

Grillo Investment Management, LLC does not guarantee any specific level of performance, the success of any strategy that Grillo Investment Management, LLC may use or mention in any of its content, or the success of any program it may mention in any of its content.

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