Financial advisor marketing ideas after election

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Now that we know the election results, here are three financial advisor marketing tips you should be using to raise your visibility. There is a huge opportunity to raise your profile in three major ways.

  • Google traffic
  • Reporters
  • CPA relationships

I’m running out the door to go to the park with my kids; here is a summary of the main points of this podcast below.

Sorry so brief, but it’s Sunday and I have four kids under seven years old.

Google optimized content

As you can see there are a few search terms that are trending on Google. See the chart below for the term “Biden impact on economy.”

This term is at its highest possible interest point on Google. If you are producing content it is best to use Google trending terms to benefit from the traffic. Get Google to send people your way!

Source: Google Trends, 11/8/2020 at 11:30 AM EST

If you are on my membership, please see Video #22 for more Google optimization techniques.


Financial advisors can use Response Videos and social media postings to capitalize on the traffic that analysts and reporters are giving the election results and the impact of Bidenomics. In the podcast I discuss the general approach you should take.

Members, see video 14 and vid 39 on the dashboard for the specific instructions on how to create response videos, talk to reporters and podcasters, etc.


In this podcast I talk about how to approach CPAs and referral partners and be a resource to them. But you have to do this the right way. If you need the list of questions to ask a CPA that you are trying to create a relationship with, please send me a DM on LinkedIn.

That’s it! I’m off to the park.

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