Financial advisor sales tips: Interview with Dan Solin on how to relate to anyone

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You all know him; there’s no reason to say more. In this podcast I interview my buddy Dan Solin about the teachings of his new book called Ask: How to relate to anyone.

In this podcast, you’ll hear about:

  • The premise behind Ask
  • Sales tips from Dan Solin about having empathy and listening to the prospect
  • The neuroscience and psychology behind the positive results of asking good questions
  • How to handle it when someone feels your questions are annoying, even those questions that empower them to speak about themselves
  • What the most important things are to do if you want to relate to people better
  • The biggest misunderstanding we have about communicating with others
  • and much more

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Listen to the podcast or read the blog on Sara Grillo’s two sentence rule.


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