Story of a Successful Female Financial Advisor

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I welcomed the viewpoint of Kathy Fish, who will inspire us all with her story of how she made smart decisions that helped her overcome challenges to be the successful female financial advisor she is today and has been for decades.

But first…

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She achieved success as a Female Financial Advisor despite having to deal with the BS

Kathy worked hard to succeed.

She came in during the good old days when wealth managers worked on commission only. You were given a salary and then were thrown to the wolves. She was given the opportunity to go off with a few other advisors – not as a financial advisor but as an administrative assistant (sigh!). She had just recently gotten divorced and was in a vulnerable position – but that didn’t stop her from taking the risk and never looking back!

She built her business 30 years ago by doing workshops for retirement. The advisor she shared office space with told her that she would never be as a good a salesperson as he was. He was trying to rationalize taking some leads so she wouldn’t screw them up; however ironically he never closed any of those leads and she got some pretty sizable accounts from it.

How dare he!

She wasn’t at the same level as him but that was a challenge for her; ultimately over time she did as much business if not more than her. Too bad for him, he was too ego-driven and arrogant and it got in his way!

She finally went out and established her own all-female financial advisor firm!

When she went out on her own in 1999 and established her own female-run wealth management firm, her goal was to have an all-female firm. She has five employees, all female. She did this to make a contribution to the field.

She also serves many women. They have alot of male clients but they target women because she found out that 80% of her clients came through female contacts.

For Kathy, being a financial advisor was great family-wise. She could base her schedule around her personal life and take care of her kids. She offers her employees this same flexibility.

Tips for financial advisors who work with women

Kathy has a large percentage of clients and these are some tips for financial advisors who work with women.

Women tend to have more questions. That is because, she feels, they are raised to pay more attention to their emotions. She says she has learned that women learn differently and may tend to ask more questions; and it shouldn’t be taken as an affront. Kathy pays high attention to body language.

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