Vid 10 – What to Say When Someone Asks You to Connect on LinkedIn

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When someone asks you to connect on LinkedIn, don’t assume you know the reason why. There may be valuable business opportunities waiting to be uncovered. Here’s what to say to these unexpected requests if you want to max out the value of every single relationship possible!    

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Practice Management

Is it Okay for Financial Advisors to Swear in Front of Clients?

Swearing is a big no-no for advisors to do in front of clients, but if done correctly (and that’s a big “if”), swearing can set you apart from other brands that may not have the courage to be so raw. Just as the famous financial disclaimer goes: higher risk, higher potential reward.

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Practice Management

Is it Okay for Financial Advisors to Cry in Front of Clients?

I’ve talked before about how instead of being shrouded and veiled, advisors should come across in a more human and relatable way with clients and prospects. But how raw can get you before you step over the line –is it okay to cry in front of clients? Sometimes the authenticity can say more about your authenticity than any marketing pitch.

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