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How to Meet New Clients During the Holiday Season: Webinar Replay

The holidays is not typically thought of as the most opportune time for meeting new clients. In this webinar you’ll learn that the opposite is true – that high socialization and high activity times like this are in fact an open door for meeting new clients.

If you do it right, that is. In this replay of my webinar you’ll get informed about what to say and do so that you can load up that pipeline during the holiday season and kick off the new year with booming sales!

Listen to webinar replay here.

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Gameshow [Extremely Humorous]


This month’s gameshow was action packed, featuring judge Vikram Rajan of and contestants Sheryl Garrett of the Garrett Planning Network and Scott Salaske of FirstMetric.

You’ll enjoy the interplay of skill and chance in this episode – but that’s not all. In addition, you’ll learn:

  • What social media platform do the most US adults earning $75k or more use, according to Hootsuite?
  • How to meet prospects in an elevator and get them to stay in touch with you
  • How to engage the millennial children of your clients
  • How to optimize use of LinkedIn groups
  • How to engage with COIs on social media

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How to talk to CPAs So They Will Like You

How to Meet Prospects In an Elevator

Webinar: How to Talk to Millennials so They Actually Listen


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How to Leverage Your Charisma with Kim Seltzer


Business success depends heavily upon the person to person connections that you make. Often we try to make it more complicated than that, but it boils down to the connection human being to human being. Our guest Kim Seltzer, makeover and confidence expert, has helped thousands of people build lasting connections with her Charisma Quotient process and this style advice is readily applicable for any financial advisor who wants to grow his or her business!

Listeners will learn how to leverage your charisma starting from the outside to attract more business abundance and opportunity.

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Resources mention in the show

About Kim Seltzer

With a vat of knowledge and experience as a therapist, certified style coach, dating coach, and matchmaker, Kim Seltzer has helped hundreds of people find lasting love and connection and build valuable relationships using her unique “confidence makeover” process. Using an outside-in approach, Kim has changed hundreds of lives by changing their style, emotional and social intelligence using her signature formula, “The Charisma Quotient,” working on body language, first impressions, image and messaging and how it impacts attraction. This Los Angeles-based expert travels the country helping people discover confidence, charisma and connection as a speaker at National Matchmaking Conferences, eHarmony, Neutrogena and iDate, as well as her own annual conference series for men and women, The Makeover Blueprint. Kim is also a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and, with appearances in Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Reader’s Digest, AskMen, Fox News Magazine, Yahoo Shine and the Washington Examiner, among a myriad of other publications. You can also find Kim as a frequent co-host on the podcasts The Jordan Harbinger Show with Jordan Harbinger as well as past episodes on the traveling live dating show The Great Love Debate, and in her new cable reality dating show, The Romance. You can also listen to her now on her own podcast, The Charisma Quotient.

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How to Charge Your Client a Flat Fee Without Making Anyone Unhappy


The emergence of financial advisors who work for a flat fee is a welcome change in the industry. However in practice, making this work equally well for the client as for the advisor is no simple matter. Here’s some guidance if you are looking to put this into place in your practice.

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How to Talk to CPAs So They Will Like You


CPAs are perhaps the most valuable center of influence (COI) that a financial advisors could have; yet advisors mess it up. Here’s how to talk to CPAs to come across as a robust resource, an indispensable resource to their business, rather than a PowerPoint pushing nuisance.

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Don’t Forget About Generation X!


Financial advisors are so focused on the millennials when the reality is that it’s Generation X not Y that should be your focus at the moment. Here’s why and how you should be reaching them.

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Seasonal Fashion Advice for Financial Advisors


How can financial advisors manage to look professional and incorporate some personality into their look at the same time? I interviewed Michael Ferrera, who is both a financial advisor and a fashion and image consultant, for advice about to dress with the changing seasons, how to dress to counterbalance age bias, and the top three financial advisor fashion mistakes. Tune in!

[Frame 2:30] Fall layering tips – how gloves, hates, and scarves can add style in the colder weather. Did you know you can even layer in Texas? As a West Coaster, Michael gives advice about how to layer in a temperate climate.

[Frame 6:15] Women’s fashion layering tips.

[Frame 7:45] How to commute to work in snow boots and then camouflage the boots during the meeting so it isn’t obvious you brought your boots to the meeting.

[Frame 12:21] How to dress to counteract aging.

[Frame 15:51] How to use style as a brand asset if you are a younger advisor.

[Frame 17:47] The role your appearance plays as an enhancer not as what defines you as an advisor. Some creative ways to adapt to the client you are working with without using plastic surgery or Botox.

[Frame 21:52] Three biggest financial advisor fashion mistakes we commonly see: corner cutting (heels worn down, shoes not shined), neglecting accessories or tailoring, wearing the same thing.

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Ferrera, Michael. 2018, July 23rd. The Suit Advisors Should Wear: The Importance of Color. Advisor Perspectives. Retrieved from

Michael Ferrera custom clothing: 

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Game Show [Extremely Humorous]


This episode of the Sara Grillo podcast was a game show featuring a famous judge and four financial advisor contestants. Bob Huebscher, CEO of Advisor Perspectives magazine, acted as the judge. The four financial advisor contestants were Frazer Rice, John Conte, Eric Broda, and Douglas Boneparth.

The show was highly entertaining and comical, including such elements as:

  • Contestants attempting to refute the judge’s rewarding of points to the competition
  • Mudslinging
  • Host arguing with contestants
  • Contestants arguing with other contestants
  • Financial advisors getting brutally grilled about social media and marketing concepts
  • Cutthroat competition all around
  • A tie for first place which resulted in a high pressure overtime round

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Correction: 64% of people ages 50 to 64 use social media.

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What it Takes to be Insightful with Bill Bengen


Bill Bengen’s 4% Rule was a revolutionary insight that changed the way portfolios are managed. To this day his thinking governs modern money management. I was honored to speak with Bill about what it took to generate that level of game-changing insight and how financial advisors who wish to set their brands apart may do the same.

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