“How do I create a marketing calendar?”

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Question from a subscriber: How do I create a marketing calendar for each segment of your client base (ie, boomer and gen x business owners, near retirees, recent retirees)?

The most effective content you could create for someone comes from what is most relevant to them.

Relevance comes from analyzing real world interactions that you have with your clients, and what you taught them.


Take this action TODAY:

  • Open your email inbox.
  • Open “sent” folder.
  • Enter a search on the name of your best client, the person you have the best relationship with out of all the people you do business with
  • Look at the emails you sent them each month. What was the most important thing they learned from that activity? Example: in January you sent them an email about when the expect their tax documents from their brokerage firm.
  • WHAM. Write an entry on your marketing calendar for that month, in the form of a question. So January’s blog would be entered on the marketing calendar as: “When should I expect my tax documents from my brokerage?”

Sara’s Upshot

If you are straining to come up with something to fill the marketing calendar, you’ve strayed too far.

Don’t imagine up some dreamy far-fetched stuff, just stick to what the people who trust you the most learn from you, because that’s probably the most valuable knowledge you could impart to the world.



BOOM – there you go, today’s marketing tip for ya!

-Sara G

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