“How long will it take to redo my website?”

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Question from a subscriber: “How long will it take to revise my website? The last time I did this it dragged on forever and I wasn’t even happy with the end result.”

This rocked.

I recently helped somebody redo a website in one week (not counting final approval from compliance.)

Here’s how we did it.

Take this action TODAY:

  • Limit the website to 2,000 words. Nobody is going to stick around longer than that anyways.
  • Organize the drafting process into three parts so you aren’t going back and forth forever:
  • First draft – map out the key concepts
  • Second draft – add details to enhance the concepts
  • Third draft – proofreading and layout
  • Maximize use of bullets, tables, and lists. If you need to use lengthy prose, save it for the bottom of the page. Remember that most people are going to scan the page from top to bottom, so you want the salient information presented in a terse format at the top.
  • You could get by with three pages: Home, About, and Services/Fees. If you do a good job with those three pages, they’ll hang on for the rest later and ask you for a meeting.
  • Limit paragraphs to two sentences. It looks less overwhelming than the big blocks of text.
  • Show the reader with examples rather than describing with words. Try this: have them download a sample financial plan instead of writing six paragraphs about it.

Sara’s upshot on redoing a website

When creating a website, simply ask yourself, “Of all the things I could say, what is the most important thing the reader needs to know?”

Count on them processing less than 10% of what you present. You’ll make them breathe a sigh of relief and save your own sanity at the same time.



BOOM – there you go, today’s marketing tip for ya!

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-Sara G

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