A quick guide to dealing with haters on social media

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Negative response and criticism are a reason that many people shy away from taking to the platforms. They shouldn’t be! In this blog I’m going to cover how to handle social media haters attacking you.

Social media haters are a big fear for many people

From a subscriber“I want to post on social media, but what if one of my past coworkers or ex-friends comments and makes me look bad or stupid?”

As someone who gets attacked by haters almost every single day on social media, I have a ton of advice here.

Realize this:

  • Most people won’t wage an “ad-hominem” attack on you as a person (“Oh well, that’s just like an insurance agent to say that, Jim”) because it makes them look bad.
  • A touch of conflict is exciting to the audience and will cause the posting to gain views.
  • People have a very short memory and nobody will remember in two weeks unless you really cross the line with something you say (example: Ken Fisher).

Take this action TODAY:

  • Use disagreements on social media as a professional exercise in clarity and logic, a Socratic debate that leads to the truth. You should welcome opposing views, because they expose the truth if you argue with logic. Show respect for anyone who disagrees, even if they don’t do it nicely, and they’ll probably do the same back.
  • Even if someone is not going to be professional, take the high road and don’t get nasty back. It will make you look like the better person.
  • If they wage a vicious attack you on a personal level, just say this, “I appreciate your comments but I think we can debate without ad-hominem attacks. Let’s stay focused on the topic and be constructive.”



BOOM – there you go, today’s marketing tip for ya!

-Sara G

Sara’s upshot on handling hate from trolls

Alright that’s all for now. I hope this blog about how to handle social media haters was helpful.

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