What to do after a client fires you if you want them back

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Losing a client is no fun for anyone. In this blog, I discuss ways to handle ex-clients so that you increase the chances of improving goodwill and possibly being hired back.

So…you lost a client…

From a subscriber“Am I wrong to remove ex-clients from all email newsletters, my social media following, etc.? They left me, after all – why should I care about them?”

Oh for heaven’s sake – don’t cut them off!

Yeah, it feels bad they left but don’t let that sour you.

Look at all you can gain from continuing to show you care about them:

  • An honest appraisal of how well you met/didn’t meet their expectations
  • Referrals to others who may be a better fit, if it was an amicable breakup
  • Insight about their corner of the world and how you can meet other people similar to them
  • A comparison to how you stack up with whoever they went to next
  • The opportunity to gain their business back at some point in the future
  • The chance to mend a damaged relationship that didn’t end well
  • The ability to be perceived as truly caring about other people, not just about getting their money
  • The chance to show you take the high road

Take this action TODAY

  • Get the emails of all past clients – even the ones where it didn’t end well – and add them to your email newsletter.
  • Send past clients a survey asking them to evaluate their experience with you.
  • Connect with all past clients on Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • If you are on amicable terms, invite a few of your favorite past clients to webinars, live events, etc. that you are having.
  • Send them an article or a blog you wrote, just to show you still care about them.
  • Call – not your admin – you call the ones you held most dear, just to say hello and how are you, once a year.
  • The only exception is someone who either has pursued legal action, or might do so. The risk of stirring the pot is too high in those instances.

Sara’s upshot

The end of a relationship should never mark the end of compassion.

Take the high road, nurture the heck out of every single person that you cross paths with on your journey – at every point – because IT FEELS AMAZING to treat other people this way!

The world is so empty without us loving each other. Noooooo – fill it up instead!



Living this way puts you into a state of grace that comes with unbelievable power.



BOOM – there you go, today’s marketing tip for ‘ya!

Alright that’s all for now. I hope this blog about what to do about how to get a lost client back was helpful.

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-Sara G

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