Should you use your broker dealer’s free marketing content?

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Question from a subscriber: “My broker dealer (wirehouse, insurance home office, etc.) provides me with free marketing content. Should I take it or not?”

No. It’s bad.

Don’t use it.

The free content you get from your broker dealer, wirehouse, or insurance company home office is the kind of cookie-cutter garbage marketing that people ignore.

One day I saw three emails in my spam folder , literally three emails, from financial advisors with the same subject line. They were all with the same insurance company, which provided them with this magic “free content.”

An alternative to bad broker dealer marketing content

Look, if you want an easy, free way to create content then do this.

  • The next time you are dropping your kid off at karate or softball or whatever, drive by a local business.
  • Take a picture with the person who owns the business using your iPhone.
  • Ask them this question, “What is the most important thing you learned about money by running your business for xxx years?
  • Listen to what they say and then write a social media post about it.
  • Post the words with the picture, and tag the business owner so they share it with their network.



Marketing isn’t a chore. It’s a fun, enlightening experience that lights up you and the world around you. Embrace this mission and stop with the scripted narrative that the institutions in this industry want to perpetuate.

People love the authentic truth and the more you can bring this to life in your marketing, the better it’ll be.

Give the world something they’ll love – not what your wirehouse or broker dealer does.

Show the world your heart because words spoken from the heart never, ever come back void.

BOOM – and there’s today’s marketing tip for ‘ya!

Authentic financial advisor marketing wins!

Alright that’s all for now. Hope these tips about why you should reject your broker dealer’s free content were useful.

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