Should I use a company page or personal page on social media?

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Question from a subscriber: “Should I be using my company page or my personal page on LinkedIn? Or both? I’m confused.” Great question! Company vs. personal pages on social media – which one is better?

First let’s talk about the differences.

Here is my LinkedIn personal page. It is established in my name, and I have 13k people connected to me – that means that I can send those 13k people a direct message if I want. I can also comment on any of their posts.

Here is my LinkedIn business page. I can post to this page’s feed, but I can not connect with anyone else. People can follow me, but I can’t direct message them from this page.

By the way, Facebook also has personal and company pages. With most social media apps, you can set up a page either as a person or as a brand or company. It’s not just LinkedIn company pages that this question of whether to use a business or personal page applies to.

Company vs. Personal pages on social media – making the decision

  • If you don’t have employees, or if you are looking to get attention just for yourself, use your personal page. It is far easier to establish meaningful one-on-one connections with followers and prospects using your personal page. This is where you should dedicate 99% of your energy. Post here 1-2 times a month or more frequently if you are getting more than 10% of your network to view the posting.
  • Business pages are for non-personal, company-focused messaging. If you have employees, you should post company news there for them to share with their networks.
  • Business pages are important for Google presence. They come up when someone types your company name. You should post to your business page at least once a month in order to keep these followers engaged.

Bottom line: Use your personal page to 1) develop a following for yourself and 2) reach out to prospects through LinkedIn messenger unless you are looking to promote a company-centric brand.

For most of you, the personal page should be your focus on LinkedIn.

Did I help ya at all?

Alright that’s all for now. I hope this analysis of whether to use a business or personal page on social media was helpful.

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