How financial advisors can use Twitter to get new clients

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This blog provides a few Twitter tips for financial advisors that you can use to build a community, get leads, and get new clients. Most financial advisors do a terrible job with Twitter; learn how to be the rare exception!

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Should financial advisors use Twitter to get leads?

Ideally, you should have a presence on all the major platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. However, normally there is one platform that offers the best chance for you to connect with your ideal audience, and that is where you should build your online community.

Is it Twitter?

Here are some points to think about.

LinkedIn vs. Twitter

“Which social media platform is better, LinkedIn or Twitter, for financial advisors?

LinkedIn allows you to post longer prose content, while Twitter limits you to 280 characters. For this reason, Twitter is ideal for posting links (which is why reporters love it), images, or videos. LinkedIn also provides opportunity to write a longer profile page.

You can’t ask someone to connect on Twitter. You can send them a DM but they probably won’t respond unless they know you. On LinkedIn, you can send a connection request and if they say the right thing they may connect back.

Community matters the most

The way all social media algorithms work is this. The higher response you get on your content, the more people they show it to. Pick a place that fits with the way you want to format your content, and that offers you the best chance to get your posts in front of people who appreciate it enough to like, share, comment, and repost.

Nobody succeeds on social media without the ability to do that regardless of what platform they chose.

Lead generation tips for financial advisors on Twitter

Financial advisors who want to get new clients from Twitter should:

  • Establish a niche focus for their content, and use the hashtags associated with that theme in their posts
  • Follow those who influence their target base, and comment, retweet, and otherwise engage with those influencers’ posts
  • Get good at expressing yourself in short, pithy sentences as there is a character limit on Twitter.
  • Look for opportunities to create content in response to, or comment on, trending topics, to capitalize on the flow that is already existing, instead of always trying to create your own traffic flow from scratch
  • Vary content between links, text only posts, images, and videos until you notice a pattern. Learn what the analytical data can teach you about what your audience prefers.
  • Don’t neglect your profile. There isn’t much information you can offer, but you should have a nice headshot and an engaging headline about what you post about and who it is meant to benefit.
  • Have a good Twitter handle – get people’s attention right away with a clever name.

Were my financial advisor Twitter tips helpful?

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