List of Financial Advisors for small accounts

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I created this list of financial advisors for small accounts (less than $300,000 in assets) because there are alot of schmucks out there hawking crap products to people with portfolio of this size, and I don’t think it’s fair.

Sara Grillo, CFA is a highly fun and slightly crazy marketing consultant based in NYC.
I am an irreverent and fun marketing consultant for financial advisors.

Before we get into it, here are some resources that may help you.

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Also, please understand that this is not an endorsement of any particular company or person. Please conduct your own due diligence and come to your own decision. Also, I am under no obligation to update this list and the conditions of service offered by these firms may change over time without being reflected here. I have no formalized business relationship with any of the firms listed on this list at the present time.

Pure fiduciaries

These are advisors who hold no insurance or brokerage licenses and are considered pure fiduciaries. The fiduciary standard is important because it defined parameters for behaviors impacting the way that financial advisors treat their clients. Fiduciary financial advisors provide the highest possible standard of care in the industry to their clients.

Please review this debate about the fiduciary standard and familiarize yourself with this important distinction.

The following advisors are pure fiduciary financial advisors who serve small investors.

Transform Retirement

Avg account size: Approx. $200K

Niche: Workplace retirement solutions

Services: Investment advice/management, financial planning

Fyvie Financial

Avg account size: $42,000

Niche: cross-border individuals UK/US

Services: hourly consults, asset management, financial reports all for no minimum requirement of income or asset levels

Investment Planning Advisors

Avg account size: $107,000

Services:  We offer every client the same services: We manage their investments in light of their financial plan that we have developed.

TradeWinds, LLC

Avg account size: $270k

Services: We offer digital assets for people who are interested and may already hold on their own. Clients are given full access to our entire offering (investments, retirement, college, insurance, tax, estate, etc.)

Elgon Financial Advisors

Avg account size: $30,000. The majority of my clients have very few assets outside of 401k, and home countries. So they are actually starting their investment journeys with me. It will be interesting to see where they are in a couple of years.

Niche: Foreign-born families (US Citizens, Green Card holders, on Work Visas), typically just starting out in the US or with assets overseas.

Services: I offer investment management as an add-on to financial planning. If just doing investment management alone – it would be the usual balancing, tax-loss harvesting (If warranted), asset allocation etc., pretty much everything, that goes into this. Not doing any alternative investing, really keeping it simple

Northshire Consulting

Avg account size: $72,766 (non retirement plan participant); $37,186 (retirement plan participants)

Niche: My particular niche is small business retirement plans, and those individuals/families
overlooked and underserved by the industry.

Services: All account holders have access to the eMoney platform. We offer webinars at least nine
times a year. Assets are managed at Schwab in low-cost funds, without additional TAMP
charges. In the case where individual bonds or CD are a good fit, those are researched and
purchased by us through Schwab. All account holders can book a 15-minute. 1-on1 session

Abundo Wealth

Abundo provides flat fee financial planning. From the company’s website, as of January 5th, 2024:

$499 start up

$189 per month

This includes unlimited financial guidance for all of life’s adventures including all meetings, texts, e-mails, and calls.

Coastal Financial Advisors

Avg account size: Estimated $100,000 for a small account

Niche: Families and individuals

Services: Tax preparation and financial advice from a fee-only fiduciary

Non-fiduciary financial advisors

The following financial advisors serve small investors, but they are not pure fiduciaries. It’s important to note that the fiduciary standard is the highest standard of care that a financial advisor could be held to. There are numerous reasons why it is more prudent to work with a fiduciary, and anyone looking for a financial advisor should become familiar with them.

Read this blog about what a fiduciary is, and why it’s important.

Preece Financial Planning

Areas of focus: current or aspiring real estate investors, professionals 10+years out from retirement, and entrepreneurs.

Average account size: $115k


Manages assets and provides full financial planning (tax planning, projections, benefits reviews, college & other goal planning, estate planning, insurance planning, etc.).

Prepares taxes at a discounted rate for planning clients of mine, if they’re looking for someone who can do both.

A fee-only fiduciary and refers insurance out. The state of WI requires him to have an insurance license to advise on insurance even if not selling it, so maintains that license, but doesn’t make any money on commissions.

Hottleman and Associates

Avg account size: $300k

Niche: Single professional women approaching retirement

Services: Financial planning, investment management, college planning, tax services, company retirement plans

Note: Andrea holds insurance and FINRA licenses.

56 Capital Partners

Avg account size: $300k.

Niche: Entrepreneurial couples at the beginning or midway through their business journey. Single parents. Specialties: estate planning, tax saving strategies, debt and credit management.

Services: Investment management, retirement planning, fee-based financial planning

Note: Rodolfo holds insurance and FINRA licenses.

Black Mammoth

Avg account size: $46,000

Niche: Business Owners – Athletes, LGTBQ, Minority, Women

Services: My services aren’t based on AUM or Investment Only, so I have DIY services and a full financial planning retainer model.

Note: Stoy holds an insurance license.

Nate Seiler, CFP

Avg account size: $115,000


I offer financial strategies. We develop financial statements net worth and cash flow initially and update at least once a year.  With that information we look at short term, intermediate term, and long term goals and figure out the best place for the next dollar.  I do this for everyone, regardless of account size.  I usually have people sign consent and release forms so I can communicate direct with their CPA and Attorney.  To be paid, I have to manage money, but I will go through creating the statements and coming up with strategies before we work on investments together to see if we want to work together on investments.

Note: Nate holds insurance and FINRA licenses.

Sara’s upshot on financial advice for small portfolios

Let me leave you with this:


If you have any questions as you search for a financial advisors, send me a note. I am sick of consumers getting a raw deal and would be happy to hear your questions.


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I can’t say it enough – you have to do your own research. This is not an endorsement of anyone mentioned here, and situations could change and not be reflected here in this blog. Also, there is selection bias inherent in this list. I did not interview all the hundreds of thousands of advisors out there, I conducted research using Google, consulted with my network, and posted on social media. So this is limited to what I had access to given my resources. Again, conduct your own research; this list of low fee advisors is intended to be a starting point but by no means is it exhaustive or conclusive.

Be safe!

-Sara G


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