Please take action to save the people of Afghanistan

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You know what’s happening in Afghanistan; it’s obviously a crime against humanity, largely women and children. Everyone keeps telling me there’s no hope and there’s nothing I can do, but I refuse to ignore this is happening to these children of G-d. Please do not be indifferent and make some BS excuse about how busy you are. Please take these actions today to save the people of Afghanistan.



When Afghan refugees arrive in America, they need to be picked up at the airport and fed, and they need help with setting up their apartments. They also need places to stay both in the short and long term. If you have room in your home, please offer to house one of these families.

Register here to help Afghan refugees in your area.

If you live in the following areas, your help is needed:




Fort Worth

The Carolinas



Northeast Florida



New Mexico


Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service is just one of the organizations. Many cities have some type of charity that helps Afghan people, consult with those organizations as well.

For example, Women for Afghan Women is a NYC charity for this cause. I’m sure there are charities in your area as well.

#2 Donate

This NPR article has some ideas.

#3 Advocate

Write to the White House through this IRC link.

You could also use your social media influencer, your press influence, your network influence, or any other way in which you are influential to let the people in your circles know about what they can do. Sometimes this isn’t at the center of everyone else’s consciousness, and just by bringing it to their attention and showing them ways they can easily take action you will get a result from them.

Not everybody will respond, and most won’t, but if you publicly advocate enough, some people will hear you, be inspired, and take action.



Or you can meditate if that’s your thing.

Lift up your heart however you do it and take a moment to silently reflect upon our brothers and sisters who are in need of our love.

Here is an inspirational video by Christian rapper Lecrae featuring Tori Kelley, I’ll Find You.

Please do not ignore that this is happening.

Indifference is the enemy. Whatever you do is less important than doing something. I do not care what it is. Just do something.

For other ideas, please see this NPR article about how to help Afghan refugees.

This is not a time to pretend you have something more important to do because there is nothing more important than protecting the lives of other people who are vulnerable. This is where compassion is defined. People are suffering and they need you right now.

Please take these actions today. If you already took action, please take more action. There is virtually no limit to the support needed here.

Thank you.

Sara G

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