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The “No BS” Keynote Speaker

Sara Grillo Keynote Speaking Topic List

Hi there and thanks for visiting my page. My name is Sara Grillo and I am a financial services keynote speaker based in New York. A while ago I made a business decision to remove any BS from my talks.

Here’s what I mean:

  • I won’t self refer
  • I won’t talk about what I do for a living
  • I won’t bring up countless examples of what I’ve done for clients
  • I won’t structure the talk so that what I do is cleverly positioned as the solution

Let’s be honest: most keynote talks are a glorified marketing pitch and the speaker stands to gain more than the audience.

Wouldn’t it be great if keynote speeches could cut the BS and put the audience’s interests first?

With me you get a performance that will invigorate and change people’s lives not just give me a chance to hand out my business card. It will be about the audience and their needs come first.

You will find I do a few things that most other speakers don’t do.

  • I poll the audience ahead of time to get a sense of what is on their minds and what questions they want me to answer. Then I structure my talk around those points.
  • I stop and review every 10-15 minutes because let’s be honest – most people aren’t going to pay attention after 7 minutes. Most of what I say people won’t retain after an hour passes. I design my talks to support the retention of information.
  • I talk for a total of 30 minutes throughout the allotted time. The rest of the time is spent answering questions, roleplays, or other methods of having audience members participate actively.
  • I send participants home with a short list of takeaways to jog their memory.
  • I give the audience a quiz at the end. This is to promote retention, outline the key points, and correct any misunderstandings.
  • I use props and stunts depending upon your preferences (burning an insurance policy up on stage, chocolate fountain, karaoke skit)
  • I use humor.

Here are some of my talks below but as I said, what matters is your audience’s needs. This is just a foundation for the actual finished product.

Cost is $5k to $10k for an in-person keynote and $1k for a webinar.

Understanding the Online Buyer

Does anyone in financial services actually get new clients through online platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook? Most people are skeptical because they haven’t been successful in understanding how the online buyer thinks.

You have to communicate with online buyers differently. In this seminar, financial professionals will learn how. I’ll cover:

  • How the mindset of the online buyer differs from someone you meet in person or get referred to
  • A repeatable  3 step messaging strategy that allows you to communicate with your online network and avoid coming across as noise which is what 99% of people do
  • How to avoid barfing information on people on social media and use the 2 Sentence Method instead
  • Why social media doesn’t work for financial professionals who barf information on other people
  • How to deepen advisor-prospect relationships using social media before you ask for the meeting

How to Throw Down on YouTube

YouTube is one of the fastest growing search engines on the internet and an opportunity that very few financial professionals have yet tapped.

In this seminar specifically designed for financial prospecting, Sara will demonstrate techniques for getting your brand out on YouTube and finding new clients. You’ll learn:

  • Why YouTube is the #1 opportunity for financial marketing in 2019
  • What the very few financial professionals who have been gigantically successful on YouTube have done
  • Why the rest of the competition won’t do this – and why you should!
  •  How to create a YouTube platform that will serve your target niche
  • Techniques for going about the more advanced strategies such as YouTube advertising
  • What not to do on YouTube

Not a #FinancialCliche

The ability to differentiate yourself matters now more than ever. Yet most afinancial branding is a constant stream of jargon, cliché, and sameness.

In this three hour workshop, advisors will learn how to build a brand that is not a #FinancialCliche:

  • What qualifies as a valid brand vs. an invalid brand
  • How to design a LinkedIn page that expresses your brand and attracts attention
  • How to explain what you do without sounding like a cliché
  • 6 phrases not to use when you talk about what you do
  • Email and out of office messaging with style and personality
  • How style of dress, personal grooming, office design, and pets can be used to reflect your brand
  • Blogging, podcasting, and other content strategies that should be done in a cliché-free fashion, and how to achieve this

This presentation is highly interactive and includes quiz sessions involving volunteers from the audience.

Please contact me and let’s get your audience hooked up with a No BS Financial Speech!

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