How to get a lit financial advisor profit margin!

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WOW that’s painful to talk about. Could your financial advisor practice be more profitable? What should a financial advisor’s profit margin be?

While helping the world with their retirement you just in fact may be neglecting your own.

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Financial advisor profit margins – get a fat one

In this episode with Jim Palumbo of DYNAMIC Advisor Solutions, advisors will learn the following about financial advisor profit margins:

  • Why the profitability of your practice is matters to your clients
  • The value of seeing yourself as a business rather than just a professional practitioner – both for yourselves and for your business owner clients
  • How far you can cut costs and which costs you should and should not cut
  • Two ways to grow your business and how to go about them
  • Profit margin guidelines for advisors who are acquiring other practices
  • How Jim got his business to 80% gross profit margin when he was an advisor
  • The likelihood of local talent meeting the needs of your practice

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