Game Show [Extremely Humorous]

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This episode of the Sara Grillo podcast was a game show featuring a famous judge and four financial advisor contestants. Bob Huebscher, CEO of Advisor Perspectives magazine, acted as the judge. The four financial advisor contestants were Frazer Rice, John Conte, Eric Broda, and Douglas Boneparth.

The show was highly entertaining and comical, including such elements as:

  • Contestants attempting to refute the judge’s rewarding of points to the competition
  • Mudslinging
  • Host arguing with contestants
  • Contestants arguing with other contestants
  • Financial advisors getting brutally grilled about social media and marketing concepts
  • Cutthroat competition all around
  • A tie for first place which resulted in a high pressure overtime round

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Correction: 64% of people ages 50 to 64 use social media.

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