How I Built My Lead-Generating Social Media Empire with Winnie Sun

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Is it actually possible for financial advisors to get leads from social media? In this episode you’ll hear from Winnie Sun, founder of Sun Group Wealth Partners. Winnie built her digital empire from scratch through commitment and hard work to the point where it has been a source of new clients. Yes, Winnie! Here’s the story of how she did it and the advice she gives to other advisors who wish to do the same.

In this episode, listeners will learn.

[0:56] How and why Winnie got started on social media and built her presence to where she now has over 300k followers on Twitter and 28k followers on LinkedIn.

[2:09] The experience of getting her first lead via social media.

[3:57] The time and level of commitment it took to build a large following.

[7:36] How Winnie leveraged a relationship with a publicist to reach her success.

[10:01] Some of the things she did that Winnie feels worked in her favor.

[11:00] The things many advisors do that don’t necessarily help lead them to clients.

[15:24] Leveraging promoters and influencers.

[16:27] The best way to work with compliance to get content approved with minimal disruption to the process.

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